Uhuru President and Raila Prime Minister?

I was studying Israel Political System and i see how it can work in Kenya. uhunye anaweza pewa Ceremonial Presidency alafu Raila asimame kama M.p wa Langata kisha Mps wamchague akuwe Prime Minister. hii ndio BBI [ATTACH=full]366867[/ATTACH]

kwani kenya ni ya mama zao

we want to elect out President directly

So that he can eat directly?

7 what???

We need a pure parliamentary system like Ethiopia, Britain, Canada etc not this parliamentary presidential garbage eti president, pm, deputy pm, 3 vice president

we’re strategizing how we can do away with the dynasties while other kenyans mnawapangia vile they’ll continue shagging us? :oops::oops:

Hata tuweke system ya king Solomon, vumbistan itabaki vile vile. System haibadilishi watu, watu ndio hubadilisha system.

Uhuru will continue being president and retire when he will be 71… ni hayo tu kwa sasa!

Uhuru (the failed homosexual) as someone here once called him is going home. Raila won’t be around for long.

Study Israel agriculture and irrigation system not nonsense

Can we handle four elections in two years?

A pure parliamentary system failed us back in the moi days all he did was bribe a few MPs and they passed crazy laws!

And then you’ll fill the parliament with the usual gangsters, scammers and opportunists.

Israel has had 5 general elections in one year

Tano Tena!


Habari chocolate

Sad but true