UHURU Politics: An Academic Analysis

Collapsed JUBILEE may be the best thing for this country. Handcheque had killed opposition and any semblance of oversight that came with.

UHURU is in a very slippery political spot. He has betrayed the one man who had every reason to have his back. He had dictatorial sway of JUBILEE matters because WSR had to remain in his good books. Now, the party will be a warzone.

In both houses, UHURU needs RAO and KANU guys, plus all related parties for control. That means he is subject to these people. He cannot make any worthwhile moves without making compromises, something he didn’t have to do with a united JUBILEE. The problem with this arrangement is two-fold:

  1. The support of RAO with GIDEON on board will be a complicated affair. Remember before 2002, NYAYO pulled a similar move. He ‘handshaked’ RAO only to pick UHURU. With the GIDEON union following the handcheque, RAO must have sensed the de ja vu.

GIDEON, on the other hand, also eyes the top seat, as do other political leaders. An UHURU endorsement is enough to unite these interests for a while, but it’s not enough to keep them loyal. Sooner or later, all these people (especially RAO and GIDEON) will seek to display dominance. This will be detrimental for UHURU.

  1. Everybody has seen how useless a DP position can be, everybody will want the top seat. Uniting RAO and MaDVD, KALONZO and other NASA remnants will be hard after the RAO betrayal of three years ago. I don’t see any of these people settling for a DP seat under RAO. I don’t see them submitting to GIDEON, a late entry.

I forsee another 2002. When UHURU shows his preferred candidate, side-lined leaders will walk out of UHURUs arms, like they did NYAYO. And join the strongest opposer: It was KIBAKI then, it’s possible it will be WSR this time.

In all these, UHURU has the most to lose. He has abandoned the one union he could rely on for one where he has to continually purchase loyalty and every favor. Interesting times lie ahead. Very soon, UHURU will be a man without friends. ORENGO already fired some shots the other day. There’s no way RAO will put UHURU’s interests before his, he has no obligation to do that—unlike WSR who had every reason to keep with UHURU through thick and thin.

Interesting times ahead.

Raila has been successful in bringing about the collapse of Jubilee Party. The next question is what happen next. Who will go for the big trophy of either the presidency or prime Minister if it will be made powerful in the handcheque team

uhuru will use DCI & NIS to slowly reel in rogue jubillee politicians coz he knows jubille is full with corrupt politicians…ppl shld know their place !

You guys like discussing politics like there’s anything to gain from it. It’s like discussing a soap opera. Even if a specific person who is your candidate wins bado as an ordinary mwananchi you need to sort yourself financially.

Anyway endeleeni tu. Personally I don’t see any person who will make a fundamental change to our lives. They are all the same. Hair and makeup ndio iko tofauti.

Macheavilian rule

Politics is interesting convo, that’s all

I get and to be honest I like talking about it too. But I feel we are being played at different levels. To the ordinary mwananchi they hope their guy wins and it changes their lives juu mtu wake yuko. But you can see a tribes candidate winning doesn’t amount to anything. If you were struggling before. You will struggle after. If you made it before. You will make it after.

On another end to the smarter people it’s an intellectual exercise. And we are happy at that to watch outcomes and not interceding. At the end of the day we can debate it to high heaven and then two people with their own selfishness in mind go and strike a deal on the side. There’s no politician I can see dedicated to Kenya more than to himself. None of them would give their life for the citizens or this country.

And then after the high heaven debates. The votes became electronic and were rigged. People think by saying so it’s being a sore loser. But the reality is after a marriage of convenience to escape ICC… Uhuru to rigged the first one. Then the second go around Odm and jubilee were trying to rig the second one through the same tactics and Musando was the key. And he was killed to make it happen. That’s why they both knew the formula. I have a friend who was key in that process I can’t even mention his name.

These devils come in legion. And give the illusion of Choice. And they all have blood on their hands. Stolen money in their pockets… That’s who they are as people.

But I will be following because like you said. It’s interesting and the dynamics are interesting.

Machiavelli wrote the prince almost as a dissertation to get in the good graces of the new king and show he has value after he was banished. I read it years ago. Will have to reread it soon to see if maturity has given me a different perspective…

I think his whole thing was being pragmatic.

in a quiet moment. I usually ask myself. What if Uhuru wanted Jubilee dead? What better way than to use RAO? In politics the skullduggery is mind bending. But again maybe I need a new Pedi

So many people who had made before have become poor. These politicians destroy everything