Uhuru. Please Try To Know The Chinese

They are getting 1 billion a month to run your trains, and then they still steal from you:

[SIZE=6][B]Chinese nationals in SGR ticket scam case freed on bond[/B][/SIZE]

Three Chinese nationals arrested in relation to investigations over a standard gauge railway ticketing scandal and charged with giving a Sh900,000 bribe to the police as an inducement to influence investigations have each been released on bond.
Mombasa Chief Magistrate Julius Nang’ea on Monday released Li Gen, Li Xiaowu and Sun Xin each on a Sh500,000 bond each with a Kenyan surety.
The magistrate directed the accused to deposit their passports in court and warned them against interfering with investigations.
“The accused are warned that any attempts to interfere will lead to cancellation of the bond terms,” said Mr Nang’ea.

Na bado we have a 350 billion debt to pay.

Kama ingekuwa nyangumi ya huku Kenya!.. Walai! ile kibare na ma-upper cut angepigwa na CID hata Tyson Fury kando.

Would a Kenyan in China accused of a lesser crime have any hopes of getting out of a Chinese jail?
Ati Kenyan surety, what kind of nonsense is this?

Since Katiba 2010, even a murderer with hands still bloody is entitled to bail. We created a monster.

The last thing these Chinese guys want is to go back home, the charge of corruption carries the hangman’s noose . If they beat it,they won’t beat one on bringing disrepute to mother China.

China is corrupt as hell, and the biggest crime there is to get caught.

True fact is that them chinese are taking over in Africa. Just look at Zambia. Nasikia eti national paper inapublish in mandarin. Where do you expect all the 2 billion paper will go?

I don’t know that we can lay this one at Uhuru’s doorstep. His relationship with the Judiciary has been tenuous at best. However, he did comment when those ruffians went on a paper burning and matusi-fueled tirade…

[SIZE=7][B]Zimbabwe starts building new parliament paid by China[/B][/SIZE]

If you believed that nonsense, you need prayers by pastor Kanyari.

Kassin, he brought these guys in.

Men i dont need any so called prays and prayers to understand facts from fiction. I have intelligent sources where i gather my info. For instance why did they our very own Prof Lumumba from giving a lecture in Lusaka??Niggah was ready to awoke them Zambians.

kwani uhuru is responsible for an independent judiciary blame maraga for the failure ya judiciary ,Uhuru can’t even direct judiciary on shit

Kassin. Ok.

:smiley: you are special, ain’t you?

kesi imeisha Ivo. even the scandal the cid were investigating imeisha.

you don’t understand geo politics. you don’t know what’s happening around you.

Geopolitics??? Mister you trying to undermine me or what??For instance you want tell me i dont know what MBS and Trump are into or what games Trump is playing with Iran or what killed Colonel Gadaffi and Saddam. Need i go back in time?? Do you know the tension between Ukraine and Russia happening now or UN had voted for Israel to get their ass off Golan heights?? I have it the whole world at the tips of my fingers. Africa is too little for me. Mister have got something to say about the GCC tension leading to Qatar pulling out of OPEC or MBS’s war in Yemen?? Ok go ahead and school me teacher!! Btw how about Taiwan and China or China and Hong kong???Tuanzie gani???

Special aint a word i can use to describe myself. Am woke and have been so for some time now. Aint hard for me to see what is the right way forward.

tuanzie tu horn of Africa. usiende mbali