Uhuru park grabbed? The new elevated road will hive off a chunk of the park.

We know that expanding Thika Super highway didn’t end the jam. It didn’t. It’s a great road but people just bought more cars and flooded the f*cker. Common sense!

Why not learn from that experience?! How will 27.2 km of new road end the Lang’ata/Mombasa road jam? How??! IT WON’T! It simply won’t. That’s just waste of money.

Every person in East Africa knows that to end the jam you need light rail or BRT! Magufuli did it, the Ethiopians did it, they’ve even done it in Abuja Nigeria.

You need efficient public transport. In South Korea they built then demolished an elevated highway because it never solved the issue of jams! If you build good, clean light rail folks will leave their cars at home. Ama BRT. And build walkways, cycling avenues like in Vancouver. Anyway ni kama kuongelesha mawe. Wacha wakule 59 billion washibe.


Wacha uhuru pack itumiwe kama barabara

I don’t like that girl at all! I’d have watched, but if she’s the one doing the talking, then I am out!

All road reserves were grabbed ages ago and genuine title deeds issued hio Uhuru park wacha iwekwe round about kubwa…

Uhuru pack inatusaidia nA nini?

Kunyanduana for free usiku!

Yani nyasi ya Sonko imeenda tu hivyo na vile imekula pesa

Would Ktalk Engineers estimate the cost of a light rail from Mlolongo- CBD- Kangemi ---- Thika

Kumbe ata ubongo hauna,no wonder.lord have mercy

Punda hii jipige punyeto uendelee kunyamba kwa kitanda…ghaseeer. at 36 years ata mboch wa mtaa umeshindwa kueka mimba?

Nilijipiga punyeto asubuhi 6:47am na sabuni ya geisha.Mimi sitaki kuzalisha kwani huelewi.Lakini ni vile tu nimesema hauna ubongo ya kuelewa mtu

Kama hutaki kuzalisha kuja nikufinye hio orifice yako my deer

Yangu sio ya kufinywa.mimi ndio hufinyana.Leo sitaki huu upuzi.Niko busy ghasia

Hhehehe uko wapi ni cum?

Do u know Germany is a car manufacturer but most of their vehicles are exported to other countries especially third world nations. They don’t use/buy their vehicles coz the government encourages the use of public transport or cycling( cheki maneno). They have recently introduced the electronic e-bikes which people are starting to use in numbers.

Kenya and other 3rd world countries owning a car is kitu ya maana sana that uplifts yr status in society. SMH.

Hehee,kwanza Hawa probox owners hujiona wamefika

Have you done your research to find out whether the light rail in Addis or the BRT in Dar ended their jams?
Also, have you done your research to find out whether the new expressway from JKIA has provisions for a dedicated bus lane?

Travel a bit, and you will find that even in New York there are traffic jams.
You need a combination of roads and rail to deal with that. One does not solve everything.

Kuna watu (young new employees) ambao uchukua car loans just to buy cars ya ku impress mwomen lakini at the end of the day salary inasoma negative or next to zero mwisho wa mwezi.

But Kenya has one of the lowest vehicle ownership rate in the world.

We buy about 100,000 used cars a year. 1 car per 500 people.
US buys over 17 million brand new cars a year. 1 car per 18 people.

Did you just compare us to the USA?:D:D