Uhuru ni Nyangau mbovu says Raila


Kimundu kimemaliza allowance. New grift loading.

Cheque from Mama Ngina iki-cleat @ NCBA bank i Monday utaona Tinga akinyamba za “my brother” tena.

Baba yawaaa:D:D

Ajitie kidole mbwa yeye

Naskia ukweli tuuu


siasa ya kenya ina mambo, why some even get personal or emotional over it is beyond me - lakini hajaongea poa hapo, nyang’au sounds too heavy a word to use when referring to someone

Rat ni Rat tu

Senile bozo

Three events are stressing RAT.

  1. Handcheque payment for July hasn’t cleared. RAT still lives a billionaire lifestyle yet he has no viable business or investment to give those funds to maintain the image and needs. Without jayden money he will struggle.

  2. RAT tried a political game through falsehood and hoped it would stick. The imaginary jayden-gideon-RAT political agreement that odm planted at githeri media in the hope the hype will carry it to reality. Turns out jayden and gideon didn’t move accordingly and when the puppets madvd and watermelon met Gideon he told them he has no idea what that is. In the contrary the campaign plans are complete.

  3. The so called jubilee and odm merger is another misrepresentation of facts by odm to the media. The only coalition agreement on the table is the same. Accept gideon as candidate and RAT to negotiate for running mate. Jayden will also be involved in running of government and picking of cabinet. RAT attempts so far not to sign is the source for the handcheque infighting.

Expect RAT to start another round of forceful courting of DP Uncle Ruto if another round of public pacification of him doesn’t happen.
Lastly we are officially in an election cycle. Confirmed elections is 9th August 2022 as per the constitution.

Ati Nyangau…:D:D:D:D

Who’s the beast, Simba 1 or the Wolf?