Uhuru ni mlevi but William is a very dangerous man

Yes, Uhuru might be alcoholic and incompetent but that is how he handles misery. Meanwhile, his sober deputy is one who keeps a diary of all the wrongs done to him. Unlike Uhuru who escapes to the bottle, Ruto bottles up those ills in his heart. By the looks of things during the BBI launch, Ruto was so angry he could not conceal it. In politics, bitterness is a great disadvantage since politicians tend do all manner smear campaigns on their opponents. It is nothing new, Raila has been put to shame many times, Kibaki and his team played games with him.I remember him asking for nusu mkate. Back then, all Ruto did was to repetitively make fan of Tinga. Moi used to be stripsearched by junior officers in order to see Mzee Kenyatta. These incidences did not make Moi react instead he swallowed his pride and carried on. Being locked out by his boss once and Ruto seems so angry. During the launch you could see him signalling Oparanya to wind up his speech. The danger is his rule be tainted by hoards of bitterness.

Ruto is a saved , servant of god , a pauper who we all relate to . 2022 LIWE LIWALO !



Mtaamuka… please sleep for now. Vote in the thief for another 10 years… Hadi 2032… some of us will be long gone… You will suffer alone. My worry is where I’ll take my children before then…

uliona clip ya njugush? William atatumia arimis

You’re not helping us … just tell us where to get lube by the bucket loads…

Kweli, Let the blind lead the blind into the pit. I was just wondering why one incident made Ruto so bitter. He was literally the head of government before the handshake and all we got was scandal after scandal. Now one event (despite BBI favoring him) is enough to get him throwing tantrums what happens if he were president.

And Uhuru isnt dangerous? A man who has single-handedly presided over the most corrupt, wasteful regime in the shortest time possible.

And Ruto isnt better so it is not a mattet of one is better than the other, wote ni wezi.

3 billion home? Kwani alikuwa anabuy mfuko moja ya simiti @ KES 100,000?

The uhuru you see on tv is not the real uhuru, uhuru is a power hungry maniac

Boss you guys want to vote for ruto for 10years? Yet when he was head of government stole almost 1%of our national budget in 5 years ?
What can help: you the youth need to start having a serious conversation about alternative leadership. This is a better option than buying grease/vegetable oil/aramis. These oils are for the weak and low self esteemed ones.

Abba, where are you planning to go by 2032?

Just check the body language


I disagree maybe his family that is his brother and mother are power hungry but him he cares less although he enjoys the foreign trips.

Dangerous is someone who can create wars whether civil ama kwa kuchokoza neighbors.

which laundry does he use to clean his money, because he has no bank and no serious contacts outside kenya. zile vitu elders mnapost hapa i doubt mnajua vile pesa hutembea kenya.

Better that drunkard

Kwani how much do you know WSR ama ni magossips tu mnaskiza. Mlisema serikali ya vijana ni poa but what happened?

Bilious Bill is as sanctimonious as the devil. May G-d protect the Republic from this menace.

Mimi si youth … nilikula boom kama wewe…
Hall 6, Mamlaka B, Hall 13 … tea break was at The Norfolk Hotel.
ION, we’ll be ROYALLY fucked for the next 10 years if we don’t get it right in 2022…