Uhuru Needs to be Afforded UTMOST Respect as He EXITS

A Yote Yawezekana Bila Uhuru would be an embarrassment to the country when we enjoy such honor for our allegiance to the core values of democracy.

I am for UDA, unapologetically, and always have been

So, this is not a political post, it’s a post on values of statesmanship. We won, that should suffice to heal all wounds and grievances. The outgoing should be afforded all due respect. The world should witness maturity on the 13th.

That said, WSR should exit the stage like a statesman!

I complained when RAO was denied VIP treatments after UhuRuto took over in 2013. A former PM was denied access to VIP luxuries at AirPorts!!

The matter made it to Bunge. Imagine, discussing whether a former PM was a VIP was a matter up for debate!

May we never witness such lows EVER again.

A former President needs to go out dignified. He may not live up to your standards, but it’s the office we MUST honor.

Don’t dishonor the office because of the holder… that’s what inspired WSR’s humiliation. People dishonored the office, because of the man

The Chairman of IEBC was attacked on Live TV because men couldn’t honor the office enough to honor the holder

He will go home riding the donkey of shame

This is a country of fools; don’t expect anything better

Ruto will restore dignity to that office , respect is earned

Respect is earned not given . Bythe way jsks is a gentleman . Am sure he won’t show Jameson kenyarra disrespect during swearing in but expect a joke or two which will piss off konyangi like shiet:D:D:D that night he should be watched lest he drinks to death as @Sidindi Bey patco has indicated

The office doesn’t earn anything… it represents a constitutional authority. Uhuru hasn’t offended the constitution to that degree. He hasn’t done such great evil to negate respect we have for the office

Respect is earned by the man, but the office should be respected out of statesmanship.

Imagine this: Outside Kenya, visiting any country, he will be respected. We shouldn’t be the ones to disrespect him in front of heads of state who still honor him

He does not carry himself like he is worth even a pint of respect. He got no balls to congratulte Ruto nor even thank his commuty. To worsen he is toasting with characters that wanted him hanged in Hague.

True. I hope the WSR team considers this dynamic and goes over and above to ensure the outgoing President isn’t embarrassed on an international forum

I am notarguing respect for the man, I am arguing respect for the office… an office that WSR will occupy in a decade


Upuuuus! When you get to hear the scandals at KQ utashangaa sana and wish huyu mlevi angelalishwa katikati ya Kasa and be whipped proper. The assault of Chebkati at Bomas on live TV imetosha the clown akue booed proper


But let the man face the JUSTICE system. Let’s not exhibit pettiness on an international platform. Let’s all be like WSR

Nini yako aliiba ? Moi was a hero to u fools yet he ran down the economy like incompetent brat you all are . Check moi University and the level of nepotism and incompetence exhibited there before accusing your brother konyangi

Studied in UoN with Magoha as my Dean. Ati nini aliiba? He bought planes that are now personal property using my taxes. Iko swali ingine? Hata kama ni ya ujinga kama the above

Ntafutie Dem meno nje dark skin small mouth ,tall and fast

Leta uhondo

Chances of him ever facing the justice system are one in a gazillion… Public humiliation is the only weapon we effectively have, I see no reason for us not to use it and use it thoroughly

Lazima tuimbe!!!

Utakubali dem amekatwa kinembe kutoka Nyabasi? Ama these brunettes niko nao from the land of Minotaurs? Shuma razima irare dani