Uhuru na Ruto wameingia Detente in their relationship ama?

Uko Bomas the way they were behaving is a far cry from the prayer breakfast where even Rachel didnt show up. Have they rekindled their hot and steamy political sex ama namna gani my frens?


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Nendeni hapo room 254 office ya chaiman @Kimakia ako na ripoti yenu

@Kimakia preys on NVs only.

Mimi naona Raila anachezwa.

If Raila is being played which is becoming more and more evident now, then it is his own fault. You do not trust Uhuru Kenyatta with all your eggs in one basket. He has already shown his true colours. Uhuru is now aligning himself with WSR sababu amesoma label/sign of the times. We cannot accept his bullshit.

Let them answer/address the pertinent questions WSR posed…

Clearly you guys Ni Kama mulisomea kwa choo .

Ruto was completely embarrassed in front of his boss by every speaker taking a crack at him , he lost his cool and decided to address even a nobody who dissed him , half his speech was booed and he had to leave his speech. His boss further embarrassed him by telling him to stop campaigning this is a relay we can’t campaign for four years and work for one year

Kaaa mbaya uone nikipita na wewe.Meat is meat

But Uhuru was far from the bitter chest thumping buffoon we’re used to. He has noticed the times are changing.

This was Ruto in UhuruRao’s bedroom. Kuabishwa was to be expected. Come 2022 the drums are ready and the choir set to sing ‘Yote yawezekana bila UHURU’ as the man from Sugoi becomes the next president of Kenya.

Ruto akisema BBI No… Kwisha Kamwana

Usiwai na ninarudia usiwai ni quote ovyo ovyo

Kuna scene hapo wamekata of uhuru pushing ruto kama anamwambia kwenda huko. Iko hapo 6:57 lakini wameitoa.

I think things far gone too far to say Rao is being played. I found the clip interesting cause the way they were behaving there is like how they would be have in their first term. Notice how Ruto got up and went to whisper something to the president and they both laughed while he was still giving his speech.

But that aside, too much water has gone under the bridge for us to say ati Rao is being played and what is going on between Uhuruto is just show to hoodwink Rao. Rutos allies are vanquished. Ruto has no role in gava and just has the name DP. Matiangi is now playing Rutos role. Currency was changed etc. Ata hapa shosho media, Rutos people have really attacked the “Corona Coalition” btw Rao and Uhuru. If Rao was being played, they would support it. And its not like Rao is blindly following Uhuru. His allies have been placed plum positions. He has managed to get goodies for Nyanza. His word carries weight in gava more than Ruto.

Either way, by Rao cooperating, he has weakened Ruto cause it would have been difficult for Uhuru to move against Ruto without Raos support. Even if he doesnt get the presidency, he took the pragmatic path just like Ruto took the pragmatic path in working with Uhuru in 2013 even if he doesnt get the presidency in 2022.

headmaster pokea nyama mbichi bila vitisho baridi

You nailed it. Alafu, RAO is not in it for Presidecy actually Matiang’i will be Uhunye’s choice

Unajua Ruto hukua hypocrite ever since… venye ameona kuna clauses zinaeza favour yeye incase akue president now he has started warming up to it… si akue na msimamo kama ni kukata BBI akatae na kama ni kukubali akubali

Its Uhuru who is playing 3D chess while Ruto and tanga tanga are playing checkers… for Rao am not sure what he is planning…
but Uhuru is a political genius… managing to cool down Opposition within(Ruto) and the mighty Raila, without official grand coalition govts like the ones we had with Kibaki And Raila.

but all in all, Wananchi ndiyo wanachezwa mbaya

Your greatest fear shall come to pass.

Ati nini? he is in it for the Presidency, for the money and he will do all it takes.

But not Ruto.