Uhuru n rao

Uhuru shud actually remove Raila from bbi n reunite with tanga tanga then drive their agenda.
Otherwise we can’t delink it from Raila yet we know that it is his agenda

https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/poli tics/article/2001401235/delink-my-name-from-bbi-and-look-at-the-gains-raila-tells-mt-kenya

BBI was all about the Kenyattas remaining in power one way or the other. Jakuon should have refused to board and remain steadfastly in the opposition. Greed got the better of him.
This has costed him some votes.

Stupid woman.

jowie is realizing too late the snake is snake oil

He believed that Uhuru will deliver the mountain votes. Alas alas alas mambo ilienda Seuth.

a man calling another person stupid for expressing an opinion, an opinion that majority of us agree with, shows the height of intolerance and immaturity.

You are a stupid village mopper.

Haya machungu kuhusu siasa ni ya nini jameni? I just do not get it when people get emotionally involved in political figures.

This is a forum with many platforms. Some of us hukuja kupiga siasa but I don’t go to bed or wake up thinking about any of them. Just like watu wakusalimiana wanasalimiana bila waswas. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and if you don’t want to read some opinions skip or block. Like now sioni hiyo machungu so lazima kuna mtu hapa on my block list.:smiley:

She is right, this thing is all about konyagi n family.
Its been that way from 1963 n will come to an end soon

ODM cow

Bbi can’t sell in Central

BBI wangetoa tu part ya kuongeza MPs and other seats wa replace na ku reduce MPs as kenyans had said and waka ignore ingepita. phuck BBI

She voted for the Kenyatta’s thrice and was domicile in Uhuru’s rectum. When did she discover it has been all about them all along?

The 2 and their families are the problem in this nation and the cause of every problem in Kenya

Another stupid goat.

With her head in the sand she has her stink hole winking at everything.

BBI chieth must fall

Itisha slices pole pole, usisumbue elders khassia wewe

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