Uhuru launches 5 brand new public hospitals in Nairobi - Uhuru anafanya kazi bwana

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday commissioned five new hospitals in Nairobi county and directed them to offer 24 hour services to residents.
The new health facilities are part of 24 such hospitals being constructed by Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) as part of a broad Government plan to decongest Kenyatta National Hospital, Mama Lucy, Pumwani and Mbagathi hospitals.
The hospitals launched by the Head of State were two level 2 hospitals at Gichagi in Kangemi and Gatina in Kawangware as well as level 3 hospitals in Mukuru Kwa Rueben, Tassia Kwa Ndege and Our Lady of Nazareth in Mukuru Kwa Njenga.

Uhuru, who was accompanied by NMS Director General Mohammed Badi and several senior Government officials, directed public hospitals in Nairobi to offer 24-hour services to ensure city residents access health services whenever they need them.

Instead of someone using money to go and seek medical services at Kenyatta National Hospital, they need to access these services at the facilities which are near them,” Uhuru said.


Hii ni pr and looting avenue for family members.
Awachie such to the ministry of health n county gvts.
Inflation n high cost of living is what needs to be addressed by any national leader.
Wajinga waliisha Kenya . AA

Wajinga wako bado. Go look at the mirror and you will see one

These are clinics and dispensaries at most.Konyagi is now competing with MCAs,MPs and Governors.PR mingi.Investigate who was given the tender to build the hospitals

Uhuru na kazi

I can’t just understand uhurus endgame. What has been doing the last 8 years. What does he think he is trying to achieve in less than a year in office raising taxes to fund projects. I mean even after he’s gone Kenya will still be constructing roads, bridges, schools and other infrastructure.
What’s the rush

aliazima kwa nani hiyo jaketi ya ee pii?

hajui kuchanganya sare ni kukiuka kanuni za askari?

He is trying to fit into the hustler nation narrative because everything else has backfired so that people ‘like him’ and to hoodwink gullible Kenyans after increasing VAT on cooking gas,if you cant beat them join them.Even Mutahi Ngunyi was praising the hustler nation in a previous clip

As I said, it’s pointless even bringing up the slightest conversation with you.

I think he wanted to be a statesman, a loved one at that after retiring - I think he mistook the multitudes that voted him in, he thought they did it for him. SHida is that time does not stand still, and ten years is a very short time.

Yeye sio askari, ni C-in-C
anaeza vaa vile anataka.


Combat attire huto Uhunye vipoa saidi

Looking at it at a different view, this is a case of quantity versus quality. If i were him i would put measures inplace to improve the quality of health care in the country. For instance good package for healthcare work force and also improved working conditions. And use NHIF to revolutionaze the poor access to heathcare. Currently things kwa ground ni different sana. Medics are demotivated ndio sababu you find them doing private practice despite earning taxe payers money. Wenye are not into private practice utawapata wanaserve clients while still watching football in their phones.

nilidhani regulations hu apply to everyone. That is why you would never see …what is is name? Kabocho? Kabochi? Kabochi…in a tunic and shorts.

Ama unajaribu kuniambia hii ni kenya?

He is not a military officer therefore he is not subject to their doctrines. Uhuru could wear a bikini with jungle camo and every man in uniform would still give him a crisp salute.

:D:D: sad. People sacrifice and put their lives in danger so that you can live peaceably. The very least thing you can do to respect them is to honour their code. Reminds me of the Thai crown prince [now king] wearing …what was that? [ATTACH=full]373245[/ATTACH]

Kenya’s worst president ever.

So what?