Uhuru Kenyatta's Cabinet Appointees

[li]Fred Matiang’i - Interior[/li][li]Charles Keter - Energy [/li][li]John Munyes - Petroleum Mining[/li][li]Eugene Wamalwa - Devolution [/li][li]Racheal Omamo - Defence[/li][li]Monica Juma - Foreign Affairs[/li][li]Simon Chelugui - Water[/li][li]Keriako Tobiko - Environment [/li][li]Aden Mohammed - Industrialisation[/li][li]James Macharia - Transport [/li][li]Joseph Mucheru - ICT[/li][li]Sicily Kariuki - Health [/li][li]Rashid Achesa - Sports.[/li][li]Najib Balala - Tourism. [/li][li]Amina Mohammed - Education. [/li][li]Farida Karoney - Lands[/li][li]Ukur Yatani - Labour [/li][li]Peter Munya - East African Community [/li][li]Raphael Tuju[/li][/ol]
In bold are those who were CSs even before the 2018 list. Given the performances of Aden Mohammed , James Macharia and Eugene Wamalwa I wonder why they were retained. Amina Mohammed did make her case for retention at Foreign Affairs but she was transferred nonetheless. As for Matiang’i the less said about his stint as Interior CS the better. I have no comment concerning Sicily Kariuki and Joseph Mucheru (except that Joe’s Zuku interfered with my masturbation: see earlier post). Najib Bala’s performance has been more or less flat but okay overall. Racheal Omamo is a flower girl in her ministry and nothing is expected of her or anyone posted to that ministry. Question: Why the hell was Prof. Magoha not appointed Education CS?

The ones whose names have been underlined and italicized are the ones who were in prominent positions of public service with clear deliverables and whose performances can be or could have been measured prior to cabinet nominations. Well maybe except for John Munyes who was a senator and nothing much is expected of senators. Ukur Yatani was a governor [B]and having visited the county some time in 2014 I saw that he was doing a good job. Appointments and contracts by the county government were however skewed in favour of his community. /B. Peter Munya, my governor performed reasonably well. I’d give him 60%. Unfortunately he got drunk with power and lost touch with the hoi polloi. Rising from councillor to MP to governor in such a short span of time must have got into his head. His rise may be likened to Waititu’s who unlike Munya hasn’t become an ivory tower.

As for whether these appointees will be able to deliver the ‘Big Four’ agenda my answer is a categorical ‘NO’. People don’t just become perfomers overnight. Also the non-performers and the indifferent performers are the majority and will no doubt dilute any performance of the minority. Question: Anyone know Tuju’s role in the cabinet? I don’t.

Meanwhile like WSR apparently did it with no. 16 above, so too must we do it with any woman who is willing and is of legal age.

You are well informed. Kudos

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Makena niaje

Kibaki did a good job in a appointing his cabinet during the first term, he surrounded himself with academicians who had done a lot in their careers,and Uhuru and Ruto are young and people should have expected better, but they appoint the cabinet based on pleasing ethnic groups rather than merit then expect miracles in performance

young??? you sound retarded there is no excuse for ignorance. these two mofos are grandfathers
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Ukur Yattani was in Marsabit County and is not Borana. He is a Gabra. Boranas ndio walimtoa kwa power. He had won on a platform of smaller tribes called REGABU i.e Rendille Gabra and Burji.

Munya was never a councillor.

Your analysis is very good boss.

Ooh yes you are right. My bad. Ukur Yatani did quite well for Marsabit. As for Munya he was a councillor before becoming MP. At least that’s what I’ve heard from where he hails. Councillors didn’t use to be important enough back then

Burji na Borana really hate each other. They even worship in different mosques and churches.

You can’t judge performance in a vacuum there has to be a goal set beforehand, allocation of resources to achieve that goal, then and only then can you authoritatively claim so and so didn’t perform.
But am in a good mood today so I will let you set those goals after the fact, ignore the resources nuisance then judge their performance against your arbitrary goal. It is only then that one can see the objectivity of your measure. Otherwise you talking about performance without providing specifics is akin to scooping sh*t out of your **s and claiming poor performance because it did not turn into ice cream

You seem not to comprehend English properly or you must have incredibly low IQ or all all together schooled in a bush school under a tree hence can’t understand English properly, or if you are smart tell me which president Kenya has ever had that is younger than Kibaki? and talk of ignorance why are you using google to search for the age of your president who has been in power for 6 years now. I know how to use google and there is nothing new/of substance that you have said.And don’t talk to me as you have i am not your brother

Good sir, you seem not so conversant with how GOK works. Tembea kwa ministries close to June ujionee vituko. Massive resources are allocated to govt Dept’s and agencies. However, the level of absorption is so low such that ikifika June, watu wanajipata na pesa yenye hawakutumia. Rules dictate that hio pesa irudishwe Treasury. Hapo ndio spending spree inaanza. Pesa yenye ingetumiwa to achieve set objectives inanunua all manner of items ndio saa ya budget msiambiwe mlirudisha pesa sasa allocation inapunguzwa.

Actually we do not have a problem with absorption of recurrent expenditure, according to BPS 2018/19 we have absorbed over 100%of our recurrent budget to Dec, the problem is with development budget where absorption is lower. Could be due to the lengthy period taken to complete tendering process.

I am a civil sufferer and i second this!

Niko na swali. Mbona hizo pesa hutumwa to the agencies? Mbona isikuwe inakaa Treasury tu, so that when an agency wants to utilise its allocation it applies to Treasury walipe. That way, hizo spending spree hazitakuwa, and the allocations can be reduced/increased next time based on absorption capacity.

It is not in the best interest of wala nyama. Huoni hata counties zenye hazina mipango are clamouring for their allocation to be disbursed.

Actually that is how it is done. The government now runs one account with cbk and all ministries had to close individual accounts that they had. Now cash leaves only when needed.

Then mbona kuna hiyo loophole bado? And why do we say “pesa inarudi Treasury” if it doesn’t leave in the first place?

This is something that ought to be addressed legislatively.

Obako was very struck with academic backgrounds of people he took in. He must have had some very difficult times working under Moi.

[QUOTE=“Mworia Wameru, post: 1509375, member: 26938”
Meanwhile like WSR apparently did it with no. 16 above, so too must we do it with any woman who is willing and is of legal age.[/QUOTE]