Uhuru Kenyatta

We ODM bonafide members demand you declare Monday September 12th a public holiday to celebrate Eid al Adha .

صث خغق چصچدثقس یثچشوش فاشف عجه یثژگشثص سصجفصچژصث ۱۲ ش جهذگهر تحگحسشف

Ss Khghq Chschdsqs Yschshvsh Fashf Jh Yszhgshss Ssjfschzhss 12 Jhzg·hr the Thghsshf

what is Eid al Adha?

Celebrations ya ile siku Abraham wanted to sacrifice Isaac

At this rate we will also start celebrating when Noah completed the ark!:D:D:D:D:D

we want to celebrate momos day pia


You are being abusive, its Ishmael to the mohamedians

Let me correct it then. The day Ibrahim wanted to sacrifice Ishmael.

And openly welcome the God of money too.

He did sacrifice Ishmael for Isaac but God had other plans.

Politricks… ban miraa, for negotiations with the Economic Wrecker (Uhuru). Hawa watu wameanza negotiations, even for Cabinet Positions

Si kama, Rao. How do you come from being Prime Minister to someone who sits on roads to eat tear gas

can we have a annual celebration on the day babu cried please please @spear



The day Maurice Michael Cardinal Otunga shall be made the saint. Let it be our National Holiday, plus Saint Mother Teresa too on 4th Sept.

Aki you are mad, bro. Hehehe… How now


Uiii…and finally I found the most funniest guy alive . I thought leven Hart is hilarious but,wait a minute ebu rudia tena!