Uhuru Kenyatta

Why is Jamabas via his okuyu sycophants pushing so hard to have the 4th retire from active politics??

What is jambas so afraid of?

Uhuru is an @Enigma

Uhuru is @Matapiko

Uhuru ni @King 1

Konyagi ni forest ngema

and he will be the next Matiba. Jambass is in for a long rough ride.

no he is probably a @Hot lanyee

That fat bugger should retire once and for all just to maintain sanity to the former presidential institution.

He is a @Mzalendo

Because he should follow suit of what retired presidents do.
Moi and Kibaki left and never engaged in active politics again, why shouldn’t Uhuru do the same. Project yake ilianguka,akubali na Atulie, pia ya Moi ilianguka lakini alienda home akatulia

He is too young to retaya

He can unite the mountain easily and has the requisite resources. Ruto still needs mountain in 2027, after which he will discard them like a used CD

He should concentrate on his current job of chairing regional peace interventions on behalf of GoK. Ako na Kazi tayari alipewa na Ruto.
Him engaging in active politics would only jeopardize the workability of current administration.


Niliskia alisema Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii

Uhuru is a @Muthamaki and anybody who doesn’t agree should be PERMANENTLY banned

Obama has not retired from politics. So kwanini unataka Uhuru to retire? It is the right of every citizen to have a political choice including former presidents, former governors, former MPs, MCAs etc. Any kenyan above 18yr has a right to belong to any political party they wish.


[SIZE=7]Obama rallies electric Atlanta crowd in push for Raphael Warnock and Stacey Abrams[/SIZE]
The former president sought to use his star power to motivate Democrats to turn out in several high-stakes races, saying: “You can vote right now.”

Oct. 28, 2022, 2:30 PM EAT / Updated Oct. 29, 2022, 8:24 PM EAT
By Sahil Kapur
COLLEGE PARK, Ga. — Former President Barack Obama rallied an electric crowd here Friday night in support of Democratic candidates on the ballot with early voting already underway in this key battleground state.
Obama arrived with the goal of using his star power within the party — mainly among young and Black voters — to motivate Georgians to turn out and keep the state “blue” after it voted to elect President Joe Biden and two Democratic senators in the 2020 election.

“I am here to ask you to vote,” he told a cheering audience, which broke out into chants of “Yes, we can!” — his presidential campaign slogan — immediately as he took the stage. “You can vote right now.”

The Ukraine saga is being influenced by none other than Obummer. Same applies to the current riots let by Agwambo,they are being directly influenced by Ohuru.

Do you know what democracy is? Obama today is busy campaigning for governors, senators etc kule Yues and has been doing it hata wakati wa Trump. Hii ujinga mko nayo eti the opposition should not talk or hold any rally, eti former presidents, governors, mps must not talk mpeleke mbali. Kenya is a multiparty democracy.


Obama is the first ex President to engage in active politics, primarily due to the threat of Trump. Whether that’s a good thing or not is the question