what is wrong with this guy…


Hao wameweka Kwa cabinet by Ngina Kenyatta to protect her empire. Hako kamchawi kanafaa kanyongwe.

Was Uhuru and Ruto not indicted of crimes against humanity and we rewarded with the highest offices in the land? Why the selective amnesia? Since when did we as Kenyans have problems with known and suspected thugs being in office and remaining in office???

Sorry for getting epileptic over this flashy pic:D:D:D:D

That hashtag is being sponsored by Sonko. That mkamba doesn’t know how to lay low. Wacha achokoze nyuki tuu.

Mi bado niko kwa ngu

Tuanze revolution

without kibera support , nyinyi waoga hamuezi toa hata village elders … Homeguard kids hawajui kupigania anything…

Naskia Kiunjuri ama Kuria ndio the next leaders of central…hawa ndio wata lead watu against the Kenyattas and bring about justice and prosperity. Sijui nicheke, Sijui nilie.

Hoping the system isn’t watching them

Contrary to what majority if Kenyans think, Uhuru is a very serious international person who should be given big respect.

Hata kama inawacheki…ina pasua mcheko. How do thugs you have dirt on going to bring about revolution. A thief cannot judge a thief lest he fears that another thief will also judge him.

@maizeroaster alienda wapi?

That’s exactly my point. Because one the system sets its eyes on them then it’ll be messy for them particularly Kuria who I really believe had a hand in Musando’s death.

Ako tu lakini chini ya maji


Come to think of it… Matiang’i was the first Jubilidiot CS Lands…