Uhuru Kenyatta to decamp to UDA


These guys are very very stupid.
They think they will be voted back just because they joined a popular party or movement.


Let’s wait for UDA nominations, and later see how Ruto will manage those who cut it.

Jubilee party is dead and buried. Just look at Kiambaa where their candidate is printing materials with UDA colours not jubilee. He has refused to campaign with the people that tuju and muraithe sent saying they are literary burning him. nyoro and kimunya tried campaigning using threats that development projects will seize if they don’t vote for their candidate. It backfired spectacularly. One thing for sure jubilee and jayden are toxic in the grassroots. I doubt this jubilee candidate will be there by election time. I see his stepping down. His own campaign manager and team have defected to UDA. The last straw yesterday was money. jayden gave 65 million for campaigns, the candidate was given 5 million. 60 million was divided among the hang on’s, court jesters and clowns that he calls advisers and loyal leaders.

This is why all leaders are now defecting or starting to defect. They know they are 100% out in 2022. Defecting is the last hope of maybe mounting a challenge. However everyone us underestimating the anger of the electorate. In 2022 Hustler primaries 99% of current leaders will go home. Only the exceptional 1% who have done incredibly well in the grassroots will make it. This opportunistic defectors will not even be second.

Yada, yada yada…Hivo ndo tumekuwa tukisema for the past 67,410 years. Then we elect a new set of thieves.

Lets just face it. We’re screwed until the robot age in 7899 AD.