Uhuru Kenyatta supporters in US stage demos in New Jersey

Wah, I expected Kenyans in Diaspora to be enlightened kumbe you can take a Kenyan out of Kenya but you cannot take Kenya out of a Kenyan. I feel like there is no hope.
[li]The only changes they support, they said, were those of electoral laws by Parliament.[/li][li]This opposing positions taken by the two groups has become a flash-point among Kenyan Diaspora and is believed to be driving a big wedge between Luos and Kikuyus living abroad.[/li][li]The discord has been openly playing out in the social media, especially Facebook and WhatsApp groups.[/li][/ul]


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Those are investors bana, don’t joke


You’d expect them to know better and be able to overcome tribalism in us but I guess this thing is deeply rooted in our DNA.


:o who said your world view on any matter should be the one observed by everyone?[/ul]


Hebu weka wale walikuwa wawili in the same US demonstrating against Kenyan Govt.


Labda ndio wenye tumaini supermarkets

Let me ask. So Raila’s supporters are patriots who are allowed to hold demos and the majority of us who suppport Uhuru areb tribalists? Kijana stop being delusional like your tribal tingOD Raila…


Where did you get this from sasa wewe nawe? Looks like ile shida ulikuwa unalia hapa ktalk inakuaffect akili.

I try to respect you but it’s really difficult. The theme of my thread is tribal bigotry by both RWNBP and UOTP guys abroad. It’s a pity that you with your alleged “high IQ” cannot see it.


Other Kenyans who addressed the gathering were Ms Mary Muturi and Mr David Asige, who heavily criticised the opposition for their empty rhetoric.


Black Americans and luopeans are related. Always whining and shouting at being ‘oppressed’


Ata mimi ndio nashangaa…btw Nyamira sasa iko locked hio ni strongold kubwa sana

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-use of i
-now there is we and them?
-hapo juu wote wamekueleza the same point

It’s as if they have a monopoly on all things right and moral. Even if a jakounist torches my jalopy, I shouldn’t complain, there’s no way I could afford it without being corrupt. These people have perfected the art of projective identification.
Projective identification is a way to be aggressive while appearing to be the victim. The aggressor gets validation from others, even though all parties involved may be be unaware of what is happening. Aggression always has a chaotic and primitive aspect, and it can lead down a rabbit hole that only ends when someone “hits bottom.” And with aggression, violence is possible as well.
Kernberg, O. (1992) Aggression In Personality Disorders And Perversions


The only cure for tribalism is party politics. The influence of the tribe in politics is a consequence of the current political system. IT IS NATURAL to support YOUR OWN. It is no different from supporting Kenyan athletes in the Olympics. IT IS NATURAL TO SUPPORT OUR OWN. It is NATURAL! The only problem, of MY tribe politics, is that it births sycophancy which is blind to merit; thus the need for party politics. Even in the family setting, THE MOST SIMILAR are CLOSEST.

If we continue with this temporary merger of tribes every five years, tribe politics will persist. IT IS JUST NATURE.


disagree with their point of view then petulants insults arise i.e your brain,i.q, your mother, your sister,your dick etc


Uhhh, now you are on a moral high horse now, this is textbook case of hypocrisy.

he has a point, i think you are the one on the moral high horse¬!


No longer handling with kids gloves ,the victims had demonstrated two weeks ago and they had exercised their rights

I possed a question to him a while back and his answer was that I should ask my Mother.That is the kind of person you are dealing with


and these are genuine kenyan americans not those evil society sponsored tourists we saw other day. anyway, these thread is all about the victims exercising their rights (aka opposition whinnings) as we saw the other day vis a vis the tribalist oppressers being tribal. the usual naswa hypocrisy

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