" uhuru kenyatta "mm nlitoka twitter huko ni matusi tu iko


Hiyo ni maendeleo. Watu wakumrushia mawe wakwende na huko wakajiogeleshe. Think he closed his FB account too.
Come January Trump atakufa kuf kuf bila access to his Presidential twitter account.

I wonder what he was expecting from social media when hes deliberately shafting the nation.
Ingekuwa leaders of these 1st world nordic countries ana complain of insults id understand.
Sa for example with whats happening in .ug himuselefu a close his accounts coz of criticism and insults halafu aanze mehe mehe mingi…anyway nuff said.

I remember that day very well. President Uhuru was in Namibia on a state visit. He met Kenyans in diaspora there and gave one of those tough speeches on corruption. I remember he said it doesn’t matter if you are my friend and main political alley. Sasa state house mandarins were very happy and made that clip uploaded on his wall. Both Facebook and Twitter. The expected the talk to be directed to DP Uncle Ruto. It backfired kabisa. First comment, he was asked to start with his own sister and the mobile clinics. A few seconds hiyo itapata 100 likes, the other comments went the same thread against Kenyatta family. After an hour the posts were deleted. A few hours later the same post redone afresh and quickly the same negative posts followed. A few hours of the sane and the whole page was deactivated.

So instead of admitting it has backfired, the President read the posts and got angry they decided to look for a scapegoat. They said the site was accessed without permission and therefore it had to he deactivated. If that was the case then within hours the person who did could be caught and arrested. Remember the colleague student who started a clone page of former police IG in his remote village found himself in a magistrate court the next day.

President Uhuru reads all social media and sites. He gets the raw feelings out there. I suspect some of those comments induced his increased drinking over that period. You people did hurt his feelings. He is human like all of us. A few weeks later kibichoo expanded his online bloggers crew to man state house page and other government social media pages. They get alerted before a post and ready their materials to use for artificial praise. Once its posted you will see the sudden rush of big statement praises. “You are the next Mandela, you deserve Nobel prize” etc. Its just 20-30 guys with laptops with 100-200 pseudo accounts ready on cue and paid by harambee house security funds accounts.

Now the brief changed over time as required. From artificial praises or attacks on others socialmedia accounts. One day I saw a close friend email address doing the same and o called him. He is China and had no idea his old account is doing kamikaze bloggers work back at home. It took him a while to convince Facebook to take the account down.

lakini si muachane na msito Tirambu alie pole pole. Besides he’s always used his own handle to tweet ile ya @therealdonaldtrump. By the way i remember when he started using it to tweet hao meffi wa CNN waliteta sana.

Trump mostly tweets from his personal account and it has way more followers than the potus handle. He will still be able to get his message across.

Analia aje pole pole when he is holding the nation ransom? confusing the country and the world at large? Also he tweets state matters. If he was tweeting about Melania we would not care.

He won’t be tweeting about state matters in his capacity as PORTUS. He will be tweeting from a raia point of view.

Information Warfare is more important than ever in this age. People forget that it was that Memes and right wing trolls that propelled Trump’s ascension to president. Trump had an impressive social media warriors who believed in his rhetoric.

However, this dyanamic can also work against you just it did for Konyagi

Facebook page ya statehouse nilitupwa Siberia Guantanamo bay after kupiga his excellency mtoto ya land grabber sweep Moto.



I am on twitter but unless you have many followers, it’s not that important. You follow someone he has 100k plus followers. He twits something and you respond. So many responses that nobody ever reads yours.