Uhuru Kenyatta is useless mofo betrayer says South Sudan President Salva Kiir


Those morons should find the solutions to their problems and stop blaming other people

It will take these guys some time to settle down as a state if it ever happens. Problem is this country is awash with guns since the days of fighting for independence and they have split on mostly tribal lines. While a vast majority of Kenyans have no idea how to use a gun, there its the opposite

Kenya should covertly sponsor the assassination of leaders wa huko and we install @Malong yor kama puppet president tuibe mafuta yote.

The country is unstable and we host half their black as fuckk population. They have a right to exist as a country. Just not now.

Its advantageous to our government, but to us common man,its not worth it, we want to conqur a country with beautiful women e.g Utopia

Even after copying our country’s flag, they still want us to bow down to their whims. Can’t they just put their act together and work towards rebuilding their country

From experience… Sudanese guys are full of shíet to the brim…and repulsive

I agree with @Gatheca. If those people were left at the mercy of this guy they would be history by now. Haamini waliwachiliwa tu hivyo.

Yeah. I wish we had a government that stole for the sake of it’s citizens.


South Sudan na Haiti ni kitu moja ! this mofos have raped their country and are ever in Kenya parte after parte , they were better off under occupation by the north they have proved they cannot govern themselves !

They were suspected coup plotters…underline suspect.

Chairman garang.RIP. anticipated this scenario way back.thats why he was fighting for a unified secular Sudan.those in leadership currently were for seccession…look at what’s happening now.

MGToW the border with Ethiopia is open and there’s a surplus of women. But you have neither the spirit nor the resources. Stick to masturbation.

You say that now but who knows what he might have become. History has shown us time and again that there is no such thing as an altruistic warlord. Eventually they all turn into the thing they fought so hard to destroy.

i like yua line of thinking. This is how some countries prosper. Hio mafuta na other resources iko tuu mingi sana!:D:D:D

you know these sudus look down upon Kenyans. Now u know!

We dont care whether they look down or up, let them solve their own issues.

These people are such an ungrateful lot. Were it not for Kenya and Ug, wangekuwa karibu kumalizana juu ya vita. Their government was formed and is still partially run from the two countries because that’s where a majority of their leaders reside. Despite the hospitality we have accorded them to the extent of allowing them to plagiarise our national flag, it is unimaginable to see them disrespect, mistreat and even kill us.

Hawa hawasaidiki.

A sudu can’t tell me jack.