Uhuru Kenyatta in Meru


Let’s just agree that the Western and the Ameru have become the swing tribe this election. so who ever take in most converts wins.

No! You, NASA, have won everywhere. Even Gatundu is a nasa zone. So hii story ya swing vote ni imagination ya Jubilee and their thirty-how-many? bloggers! Nasa is now an unstoppable phenomenon!

In elgeyo marakwet area the Keiyos were against the Jubilee governor, from the marakwet side,
The corded media reported it as a revolt against Uhuru, yet the people affirmed that they will vote for Arap Kenyatta.

like someone posted hear earlier the ameru are disillusioned but no meru from the river will vote for a, well, someone who is not mugima ! it is what it is.

Ata Ruiru tuko NASWA ndani

Massage their egos. Make them feel good. When I want to make my two years old kid happy, I place him on a platform where he’s higher than me and I tell him that now he’s bigger than daddy. He really loves it, lol.

Fake news