Uhuru is too petty

I mean its not a must they like each other with Ruto but law of common sense and business dictates that you should avoid bringing personal issues to running of govt. Even if you don’t agree in person let the other person fulfill his constituonal roles.
Whats the logic of not inviting an elected deputy president to a state function.? Its just being petty and emotional like a woman on periods. Uhuru is too immature no wonder he has messed up the country.

What if Ruto decided not to attend state meetings to elicit pity from his followers? To lend credence to the narrative that he’s no longer in the government?

Wewe ukijua jirani wanachinja mbuzi, alafu na kimbelembele uende bila invitation utafukuzwa kama burukenge. Konyagi ni entitled fool and drunkard

He will soon ride the donkey of shame, mchana kila mtu akimuona

Extremely illogical comparison. This is a national matter, not a goat roasting event. Unlike the jirani, Ruto was “elected” into the government by fools and is trusted to carry out some duties.

Even deputy governors know they must respect their bosses “irregardless” of whether they were also elected and not going kubweka bweka in TV stations undermining their bosses. Otherwise utatimuliwa like Mutua alitimua DG wake Kiala. Discipline and 100% loyalty is a must otherwise utakua unaonea SH huko viu sasa.

Arror is not a beggar and will not go where he is not wanted.

Wacha atimuliwe wazi wafuasi wake waamue mwelekeo wao,si mchezo wa paka na panya.

Hakuna kumbebelezana

How would you like it if your junior kwa ofisi ignores your orders and spends all his time inciting everyone against you?

He has been humiliated too many times. Pia mimi siwezi enda. The DPORK not voted in by anybody to the post is Jakuon. How many times have we cringed infront of our screens by Uhuru’s treatment of WSR in public? besides who does not know about the fall out between the 2? let us not pretend.
Besides who does not know that the Uhuru planned humiliation of Jakuon fell flat and he is just bidding his time???c’mmon now.

OK. Good question, after handshake happened, some mps and friends of RAT walianza kusema Ruto ni mwizi ooh , Konyagi alijifanya ni kama haskii. Sisemi LootAll si mwizi, every politician ni mwizi

Ruto was involved in 2007 PEV and Uhuru knows it because he is also a war criminal; as it is in wartime, you must know your opponent. The relationship right after Hague served its purpose and each man for himself.

Typical rotten tooth, jigger eating, circumcised okuyu alcoholic

If a junior is not ready to obey his boss, or if the junior feels that he is unwanted, he should just resign. Hakuzaliwa na hio kiti.

ruto must toe the line. Apan yltambua ghasia from sugoi

Nishakwambia kitambo. Hizi urongo tafutia mwingine. Even the shoshos in ocha now know the truth.

io hukuja natural. hakuna betamale huheshimiwa kwa office. let Uhuru deal with his frame. aingine ya group ya betamale mwenzake amarex huko Twitter

I don’t like Uhuru , but if i was in his situation right now i would not entertain this hyena called Ruto, mtu anakutusi kwa mikutano , saying how you have failed, saa hiyo from 2013 - 2018 mlikuwa na yeye in the plans ya kuchukua loans mkitenga na kutengua corruption
i would not take that shit lying down…

I am surprised you still find the beef between the two as an issue. Hata hao majamaa wakilimana vita ofisini, I wouldn’t give a fuck. If something ain’t working, let everyone do their thing as they wish. Uhuru ako huru kuendelea na shughuli zake kivyake, Ruto pia hivo hivo. They were both elected. As long as uhasama wao haitaleta vita nchini, then kila mtu apambane na hali yake…
who even still cares if uhuruto is dysfunctional