Uhuru has NAILED IT.

Among the Kenyan presidents, Uhuru has massaged the economy quite well especially that if you keenly look at what he has faced as a president. Good job.



Kwani economy hu work aje. People living in mois era and kibaki, walikuwa wanasifu how they did better

The growth must be felt not written in the papers. Coz the truth is, only a few thieves have managed to fatten their pockets and majority have sunk to poverty. The wealth distribution is terrible.
Again, kibaki borrowed 1.2B, with a growth 5.1%, as insinuated.
Uhuru has borrowed 5 times that amount, the results◇◇


Based on your picture and assuming you can do simple mathematics, you can see that Uhuru is only a little better than Moi and Kibaki is King.
Kibaki GDP improvement: 5.10 - 0.6 = 4.5% increase
Uhuru GDP improvement: 6.32 - 5.10 = 1.22% increase

He has failed to maintain the Kibaki growth yet borrowed more loans. Shouldn’t that translate to higher growth. He should go home.

Hiyo ya Moi 0.6% was a wasted 24yrs for Kenya. What a shame.

Mbimbi eye will sort everything

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Via a one-wheeled contraption.

Comparing Moi years with Kibaki recent growth is idiotic.

Moi managed to steer the country when the rest of sub sahara was at war.

Comparatively, kenya has lagged compared to Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda etc in recent years.

Kazi ya mzee ilikuwa tu kunyamba nyamba huko state house. Very useless fellow.

Doctored results, cartel media housing, tunaambiwa vitu wanataka tuiskie

Actually Moi should be recognized for maintaining a +ve economic growth (no matter how minute) because he did it without foreign aid and loans from WB and IMF to cover budget deficits

That can’t be further from the truth, there was a time the IMF literary run the government through the so called “Dream Team” headed by Dr Leakey so that we can receive aid and use it well. Remember?

During Moi days there is a year growth was negative -0.3% and interests rates were 80%.

no comment. ukiwa na kalamu na wino waeza andika anything, lakini wale wako kwa ground wanajua uchumi iko mbaya zaidi

How much was disbursed? And for how long?

Yes. There is economic growth but no development. It’s a concept taught in Macroeconomics. The structure of the Kenyan economy is flawed in the sense that it is growing without creating jobs neither is it increasing (specific) household income. There is so much government spending (G) going into infrastructure but the infrastructure cannot guarantee returns to the common citizen. It is not even viable economically. The whole growth is not trickling down to mama mboga yet all she cares for is the money hitting her pockets, not GDP. She can’t eat GDP neither does she care about those terms. Those terms only matter to us who understand them.

Exactly, all this GDP growth is just inflation and government spending which we all know is from borrowing money. On paper it appears like we are doing well but on the ground ni taxes tu zinaongezeka kulipia madeni.

I think the better conversation we should be having now is how many Kenyans has this government lifted out of poverty