Uhuru has 10 vehicles and 33 support staff all paid by the government

Wasika must be a brain dead bukusu

More so Uhuru wants GOK to lease his palatial residence Caledonia as some ‘presidential’ office right next to State House! almost akin to having two state-houses next to each other. That level of entitlement is on another empire level from someone with airstrips, gwagons, ranches and the like. It should be studied and catalogued for posterity’s sake


Mans wants to be paid to live in his own house. The same house he built using taxpayers money.


I usually don’t support the gava but hapa Niko nao. Enyewe Uhunye is being a greedy fat toad. Instead of empathising with the many starving wananchi bearing the brunt of his endless borrowing ni to ask for more millions.

Infant I blame this drunken master for teaching jambass extravagant living. At our expense. Nani alianza hii ujinga ya globe trotting and blind loan taking if not muthamaki. Hakutosheka na ile Mali babake aliiba , hakutosheka na pandora papers sasa bado anataka a pound of flesh kutoka our chests. Bloody fwakin nugu


Hindiot! Heshimu The 4th, na sio tafadhali. The 4th MUST be PAID all his benefits.

Si mtu ashow hustler that Karma is a bitch. What you put out in the world, you get back wether it be good or bad. So those that seem to enjoy hurting others will definitely pay in one way or another! 3 times fold. It’s just a matter of time.


Ni kama you have a fetish for your mother’s kamisi.

Have you guys seen Sidi’s chase cars?

Morning briefings when Nabii is out of the country

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He will not be paid. Utado?

Tafuta your syphilitic mother and feel sorry for her. Mama ya mlevi sio mamako you inbred bastard. Makende ya mbwa

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Si mtoe benefits za retired presidents from constitution then.Wivu na kinyongo itaua watu buana.
Hope the guy who will come after Ruto will not be this petty

Uhunye anafanyia nini Range Rover Autobiography

So do you have a fetish for your mothe shimonjero’s kamisi, you bastard son of salasya? Ama mamako Hana hata suruali, leave alone kamisi?

Mama ngina sio mamako. Mamako is syphilitic. It would be very easy to locate her in brothels

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Wewe tunajua mamako anauza mkundu hapo Muliro Gardens, ndiyo sababu suruali haipati time ya kusettle, hiyo shipoto yake inatwangwa kama workshop. Babako alikuwa watchman wa muhindi.

No problem. But kaa ukijua Mama ngina sio mamako. Yeye hakuzaa malformed kids kama mamako

Mama ngina siyo mamangu lakini yeye ni mama ya mtu, umbwa hii. Huna akili jinga hii. You are a bitter little nobody so you resort to insulting old women here, I guess that gives you a bigger hardon than even that of mukombero, ama ni aje Shimanyula? Takataka ya mtu. Kuja nikuandike kazi ya watchman uwache kunusa kamisi ya mamako.

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They should have checkmated him, aitoe wainunue ikuwe public property basi… afterall it will be his office for life.

Am just seeing low IQ bonobos everywhere thinking that constitutional matters that are quietly maneuverable should be canon fodder for local, village and vengeance politics…

If there was a professional body for civil service all those bureaucrats who have let this thing simmer for this long should have been disbarred and fired a long time ago for professional misconduct…

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