Uhuru has 10 vehicles and 33 support staff all paid by the government


The 4th deserves even more. He transformed kenya from a 3rd world shiethole to a middle income country. Barabara, stima etc kila pahali. Huyu mwingine is finishing his term and he hasnt built even a single toilet. Bure kabisa.


Also the idiots should know that The 3rd as referenced in that letter was Kibaki not His Majesty Muthamaki Uhulu, The 4th.

Kwenda lamba mkundu yake mahali yuko. Kshs 140m worth of new vehicles? Hii wezi hawatosheki na mali ya uma? Worst of all, he held back the budget of his deputy. Let him swallow the medicine he prescribed. Kumanina yeye


Wewe na @PERDITION mnashindana for the title of the MIT (Most illiterate talker).

Mwizi Kenyatta Sr didn’t retire. He died in office dunderhead.


Hapo hata mimi nimeshangaa 140 M worth of new cars? ai bana

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The Xth is still The Xth, whether dead or alive. And all the benefits MUST be paid in toto.

What middle income. That was just ckever accounting to get more money from the world bank

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Very elementary English, std 6 level: How do you use the term “setting the record straight” in a official letter? That is street lingo.

“They also alleged falsely….” Should be “ They made false allegations”

“We, however, put it,…… Should be “However, we put it…”

Whole list of errors from a presidential spokesperson



Uko na ujinga ya 4 generations kwa hio bakuli yako

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You shouldn’t expect much from wilbaro pushing hasoras.

If a teacher retires, he should be paid his benefits in toto. If a precident also retires be should also be paid his benefits in toto. No retired public servant should be discriminated against. Those discriminating should also know that their retirement date is also coming soon, in 3yrs.

Preci… what?

Halafu which law is there that serving civil servants’ rights should be denied and those retired honored? Hebu nipe kipengele kwa katiba

Mlevi ameze dawa yake bila kulialia nyuma ya kamisi ya mama yake

Mbukusu @wasike the law is very clear. Ask fellow bukusu Mrs Waceke aka Wethangula yule alitwangwa kofi. A retired teacher should never be denied his pension ati because we have to pay JSS and other current serving teachers. Uhulu shouldnt be denied his benefits eti because we have to pay current serving civil servants.

No Kenyan should be denied his dues. Hata wewe ukilamba mkundu ya mlevi unafaa kulipwa on time. However, if you break that law, you shouldn’t run to your supporters claiming you’ve been victimized.

Kama alinyimana za wengine before for political expediency, afunge bakuli na kupokea kijiti in his behind like he was dispensing

Retired civil servants are always shouting about their delayed pensions and benefits. So nothing wrong with ohuru making noise about his delayed pension and benefits. Moi got his full benefits despite not supporting kibaki. Uhulu should also get his benefits despite not supporting jambas. Retirement benefits have nothing to do with someones political stand coz you earned them when you were in office.

Kenyatta insatiable lust for money and earthly possession should be studied.
A normal human will be contented if his stomach and balls are soughted together with no bills to worry about.
Lakini hakuna siku hii evil familia watapata enough.


So is salary and office allowance. Watu wavune walichopanda. Ikiwa uchungu sana, wakimbie kulia kwa kamisi za mama zao. Ikizidi, wakimbie ICJ.

Hakuna kubembeleza punda kwa mteremko

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Niko na vaseline worth 50 bob nanyonga :monkey: bila kusumbua

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It’s an attitude, @Simiyu22 , a rotten one. An editor is not just a mtu wa Kizungu mingi mingi; they make you sound clever and seem organised.

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