Uhuru had best interests for Kenya

What Azimio cannot tell you is how they looted the country dry. See just how their own cartels were paid. Yet right now they are all over angry at president; i don’t know how he has not paid salaries, cost of living etc. Waacheni kubweka as your god Raila once said and let the current govt fix the mess your handshake regime caused.
The govt has a contract for 5 years. Then we shall evaluate their performance and see whether we can renew it in 2027.

Kagege, now tell us about those who were paid 21B for ghost arrorr and gimwarer dams.

That cunt has been robbing us since time immemorial. He is a skeeming pos who gets in government and milks as much as he van and then skips town until things cool down

Who looted what where or how peleka kwenu. Very hungry and angry. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

Tuliambiwa Uhuru alikuwa mlevi ata hakuwa anajua kuendesha serikali, ati it was jambas who was actually doing the donkey work. Sahii tunaambiwa it was akshually Uhunye the drunkard who was running things. Nabii the teetotaller is still giving excuses 7 months into his administration.

Kagege sasa tueleze hii Habari moto ya 10b ya mbolea

So it doesn’t bother you that funds were looted due to Mlevi1’s incompetency / drunkeness? Kama Ngumi alipata 415m you can imagine where the other 5.5B went

Nobody said a contract is valid for 5. If they can’t fix it in 1 year, they can’t fix it in 5. There’s no “ let’s wait and see” them screw 5 years of our lifetime.

Hii serikali ya Ruto mkiamua “kumpea time” na kuokota sabuni kama kawaida, mtaumia sana.
We have people like Linturi in agriculture, who goes ahead to scheme a shady deal for maize in Zambia. Now, Zambia goes ahead and trashes the so-called transaction and when the CS is asked about the same, he says that he’s not answerable to Kenyans!

What about the issue with unga? The issue with gas? The brewing scandal with KNTC?
Ama you think the elders don’t know how a certain Rono was paid 320M?

Kenyans should actually unite to hold this government to account. Give them an inch of time and they’ll throw us back by a mile.

Si juzi kulikua na scandal ya 10 billion kwa fertilizer deal.

fine. uhuru’s dumbass government forced all nairobi land transactions to go through ardhi tasa. and anyone who knows anything about that shit is that it is like hammering a piece of paper through a stone wall and expect it to come out on the other side intact. impossible - effectively halting all land transactions in nairobi since 2020 and we can all agree that real estate in nairobi is not cheap.

kwa land transaction moja gava inakula dough ngapi? stamp duty (4%), capital canes tax (15% ya declared profit), application for registration, na kama kulikuwa na professionals kina mawakili, VAT on legal fees.

now, it has been more than six months with those to dunder heads at the helm - [SIZE=7]SIX MONTHS[/SIZE]. na maghassia zinatwambia hakuna pesa. hakuna pesa na mmefunga avenue za income?

What bothers is a government that claims to have found empty coffers is still spending like its swimming in cash. What that tells me is Ruto’s administration won’t be any different from Mlevi’s.

Can we cancel the contract and install Baba who will take us to Cannan?

uhuru borrowed heavily throughout hi 10 yr term he is to blame .Mbwa yeye

That was campaign funding

That fat, drunkard fuck should retire and leave us alone

akufe tumzike

So hii ya 320m inakuuma but hio ya 415m ya John Ngumi haikusumbui juu ni’ upande wetu’?

If both don’t bother you, then heri ufyate mdomo tu

The constitution says the contract is valid for 5yrs zebus mpende msipende na hakuna kitu mtafanya. They were left with a broke, heavily indebted and looted treasury, unafikiri Ruto ni Houdini he’ll pull billions of dollars from your anus? Recovery will take time. There MUST be a ‘wait and see’

Hakuna kitu ka hiyo.
Constitution also gave people power to annul the contract. Kama kazi haifanywi, tutawatoa hapo Hosni Mubarak style. Before year end.

Yani mnatagemea jamaa alizaliwa world war 2 amkoboe. Mtu anaishi on borrowed time ??