Uhuru - Fukuzana na vipanya vyote...

Choma mali hizo zao za pesa mbuzi, hakikisha hawaingizi chochote hapa, na wakiingiza fuata wao vidukani vyao uwashike upeleke jela! Hawa ni ghasia takataka!

Uhuru order to KRA on traders not paying tax

By Otiato Guguyu | Wednesday, Oct 31st 2018 at 22:22

Even before the ink is dry on the recent tax hikes, the Government wants the taxman to zero in on small businesses and people leading lavish lifestyles and not paying their dues to further grow its revenues.

Yesterday, President Uhuru Kenyatta, while recognising compliant taxpayers, ordered a crackdown on small businesses avoiding the use of the ETR machines and the rich who declared less to the taxman.

The Electronic Tax Register (ETR) creates a digital signature that informs the taxman how much goods are sold, when and what location, allowing the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to cross-check when the tax is remitted by a trader.

The President said KRA’s tax dragnet should leverage on technology and big data to also track the spending of the wealthy and match it with taxes paid.

“KRA must step up its efforts to detect criminals who do not pay taxes. Those using fake ETR machines and pocketing the VAT (value added tax) should be brought to heel,” President Kenyatta said during the Taxpayers’ Day

He told off busy bodies Fourth state .Very nice at talking