Uhuru finally admits no need to Amend Constitution


mitoto ya umbwa

He now joins more than 60% Kenyans, bbyai not a priority

It never was.

Could someone explain to me why of recent politician are not dyeing their hair or moustaches eg Ruto,abdullahi the lawyer etc?

Huyu jamaa alikuwa anaenjoy watu nini?

  1. Katiba ifanyiwe implementation.
  2. Pesa haitoki kwa miti.
  3. Weka structure kwanza, pesa baadaye.
  4. Toa jasho.
  5. Pana jenga ukifika katikati unabomoa, tena unaanza, unabomoa tena.

Makes sense

Nani amerudishia huyu jamaa akili?

No constitution is going to be amended before 2022 elections.That i say as a prayer.

I thought the first BBI report said people want counties retained…am reading in the Standard today that below is what Raila wants changed:

“Let us have a maximum of 18 counties, much like the Bomas Draft which had between 14 and 18 and 73 administrative units. This will save Kenya some funds contrary to the propaganda of those opposed to reviewing the law. Let us have a proper working structure that serves us well.”


To me it seems Raila is so much interested in politics of domination,i read somewhere BBI report concluded the national government should create a framework to guide creation of regional blocks,what happened?

Even if your county is corrupt,are you ready to let it go,be swallowed up in another?We are not fools…Bomas draft devolved power upto the location,Raila has just picked reduction of counties and creation of 14 regions,there are over 4000 locations in Kenya…why cant he talk of that…

The civil society,the church and mzito Yash Pal Ghai agree we need to review some aspects,but hii ya BBI wamekataa.

This is an old clip, before RAT corrupted his brain.

Sasa vile amemaliza 2 terms…anatafuta namna ya kuendelea kuibia familia wakiwa na RAT…old clip