Uhuru failure shouldn't create an emergency to kenyans

When the jkia employee filmed Chinese being allowed entry to Kenya, cs macharia, matiangi, omamo and cecily came out guns blazing and claimed the visitors had been thoroughly tested from their home countries therefore fit for admission into the country. They went ahead to ask for the sacking and prosecution of the whistle blower Kenya airways employee as a warning to others.
Now with the current state of affairs with daily yelling from kagwe, isn’t it time we confront truth?
What have kenyans done to deserve what they’re going thru’?
Closure of businesses, job loses, being thrown out of rental houses, lack of food, closed schools,covid 19 fatalities, city lockdown are problems we should not accept to bear.
Uhuru brought in covid 19, no Kenyan should suffer coz of his ignorance.
Uhuru is the problem but now kagwe is labelling kenyans problematic.
Give kenyans all their basic needs and they will stay wherever they’re.
Failure of which it’s calm before the storm. Like below it’s clear kagwe is fighting covid 19 but police as usual are fighting kenyans. Where is the social distancing that kagwe is yelling every day? [ATTACH=full]295952[/ATTACH]

It is asking for too much to expect anything sensible from our clueless, rudderless & confused government.

We have been given millions for actors and comedians to keep us entertained. Relax

my take, G.o.K is slowly achieving the health crisis it was looking for. Why Uhuruto, wanted us to be in that position, time will tell.

206 countries and territories have been affected.Noone got it right this time.It is an eye opener to all leaders in the world.Kimchezo tu something like Covid-19 can wipe us all in a go na dunia ibaki humanless.
Lakini Kenya cannot be helped,despite all the flops in handling the matter,they still have cash to give to artists.Priorities.While we don’t have major necessities like ventilators to fight the malady.I think the sick will need more music and comedy.

Looks like the best way for them to get more money na kuchunisha kitunguu na hii story ya mask.

We saw europeans and americans fail. Even the illiterate in kenya wanted borders closed weeks before we got the first case, but the owner of the planes at JKIA would hear none of it. Its not a matter of being caught unawares. its a case of greed, selfishness, and little value for the lives of the commoner.

True,it is being said they were buying time to ensure all their relatives have jetted back into the country


Mushenzi ni mamako.Meffi

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