Uhuru did affordable housing bila kusumbua raia, hasla should do the same

Those interested in the houses should be the ones to contribute via “Boma Yangu” like during Uhuru’s time, not forcefully deducting pay from uninterested workers.

[SIZE=6]Unlike Ruto, here is how Uhuru built affordable houses without taxing public[/SIZE]
By Winnie MabelMay 30th, 2023 3 min read

In 2017, during his second term, former president Uhuru Kenyatta aggressively pushed for a housing fund that would deliver 500,000 affordable homes to Kenyans as part of his Big 4 Agenda.

The retired president ended up working in partnership with financial institutions, private developers and manufacturers to build the affordable houses. By 2021, Mr Kenyatta’s government had constructed approximately 250,000 of the projected 500,000 homes.

Fast forward to 2023. President William Ruto, who served as Mr Kenyatta’s deputy president, returned with the same housing scheme. In his proposal, he intends to have employees contribute three per cent of their salaries to the fund, and their employers match their contributions.

The proposed seven-year mandatory contribution has ignited an endless debate in the general public opposition politicians and their supporters strongly opposed to housing fund.

There is the argument that it makes no sense to for people who already own homes to be compelled to contribute to the fund for homes that will cost upto Sh3million and that will take more than 20 years for a person to fully own.

Others have also pointed out the risk of losing the house if one does not pay consistently and having to wait seven years to get a refund in the event one is not allocated a house despite paying for it.

I bought my first house on a young Doctor’s pay and 7 year expensive ( at the time ) mortgage from HFCK …

On hindsight …
If I had known better and looked around a little , I would have gotten a better deal or even built one of better design and location.




At a pinch , you can own a 2 bedroom , 2 x 40 ft Container home for KES: 1.4 million …
( … with Off-grid Solar panels , Water storage and a Septic Digester… )
No foundation slabs required , only pilings.

And one does not need more than 1/8 or 1/4 piece of land …

Puunda, we are talking mass housing projects not backyard projects

Ruto si Uhuru

Yes, billionaires like ohuru know where to get the cash from unlike haslas.

Hassora’s looking for extra ca$h to pay his bloated cabinet and he wants Mama Mboga and their Boda Boda counterpart shareholders to pay.

Mtukufu Lies is not looking to build you hustlers houses. He is looking for money to steal. Remember he was brought up on NHIF and NSSF massive heists as a YK92 hoodlum. He is addicted to theft.