Uhuru defends proposed changes to election laws

But I thought Uhuru said the elections were free and fair and even labelled judges who ruled to the contrary as “wakora”
"President Uhuru Kenyatta has defended the proposed controversial changes to electoral laws amid spirited opposition from various quarters.

At a rally in Busia on Friday, the president told a crowd the changes would help prevent future mistakes in elections by placing criminal responsibility on electoral officials who refuse to follow regulations."

…The president argued mistakes realised in last month’s elections will be cured by changing the law.


You could have an electric fence and say that it is good but ukishika mwizi kwa compound akuonyeshe vile aliingia despite your very good fence, won’t you put up extra measures to prevent another intrusion? Just saying…

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Noma Sana

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So they should do nothing to ensure that PO’s and other IEBC officers are responsible for their actions?
Just sit around and allow judical officers to tamper with evidence?
This is a re-match and not continuation after halftime!!

Nope, they said that whatever Nasa and SCOK claimed were falsehoods and that the elections were free and fair and everything was okay so your analogy is incorrect.
Remember they said that mwizi that you are alluding to did not get into the compund.


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Closing all the loopholes.

Such a thought can only be generated end of the month kama mtu ana kakitu.

what don’t you understand by “future mistakes”

magufuli alichukua zote



Wewe ni wakili ama wewe ni mwisi? Chagua moja

Achana na hiyo mkora ya gatundu

Achana na hiyo mkora ya gatundu