Uhuru declares four days of mourning Her Majesty the Queen


nonsense. He wont muzzle ruto’s celebrations using this excuse

A fool, big one indeed. I hope it lands to Kenya soonest possible to get rid of those entitled ticks permanently.

Apo sawa. Uncle hurubaro agojee na huko kwanza

Vile @Ndindu husema “game bado changa” tunaomba mtulie


I wish the queen could resurrect and die over and over again until she cries uncle. Worthless asshole.

Konyagi1 ni umbwa ya huyo mchawi…siamfuate if he is so sad…

Yeye na fam ndiyo the only beneficiaries of the nyangau carcass maraya…all Konyagi1 owns anajua ametoa kwa hio ibilisi


Is everything about ruto you twat?

Fuck me queen. I fully agree with this message

phuck the queen and her kids

Never been so ashamed of a fellow Kenyan.

Yaani we are going to fly the flag at half mast for the witch who hanged the likes of Kimathi? The one in who’s name thousands of Talai were exiled? The one who’s soldiers have raped our Samburu women for decades and kill other Kenyans and boast about it on FB?

We need to punish the Kenyattas in a very special way going forward…

May the dead RIP but hapa we erred!

This is fake news njaruo. Those are not Africans nor the Queen. That’s a French and French are vile people
Read this threads for more information


thanks for the correction, don’t associate my person to any tribe.

let Lizzy rest.
Now we can take over the Commonwealth


[SIZE=5]Irish celebrate the passing of Queen Elizabeth II with dancing and singing[/SIZE]

My fren take a chill pill … konyagi is not responsible for your ability to remain mlalahoi. This frothing will not help your case buana

Mlalahoi ni nyanyako…karambe hio mzoga…kabla Kina uncle Dedan kimathi na mbogi wamnyonge na dredi after life…hio mzoga should be fed to rats…na his whores kama Konyagi1 buried together…Mali ya blood ya our 254 patriots hawatawai enjoy…we shall revisit

It’s symbolic mzoga imekufa pamoja na mlevi1…Maisha haina coincidence…the signs show…ata hustlers wa UKino watazika yeye na fam kama Konyagi1 fam in next 5 yrs…ni githeri media tu inachocha anapendwa kama tu ya Konyagi kabla wazame…dynasty zote zinaisha…walahi

Konyagi1 Ako na serious real estate UKino where he will relocate soon…ameshatuma mamboch london…na hata huko tutachinja