Uhuru: Debate is a waste of my time..

Please waste your time for Musamaki on 8/8

Mimi kama mfuasi wa Muthamaki (matiti no 8 kwa mbwa) pia nimeamua sitapoteza siku yangu mzima tarehe 8/8 nikipigia muthamaki kura.

Instead, nitatumia wakati wangu vizuri, even after a hard day, to endure the queues and standing to vote for baba. If baba didnt consider standing for 90 mins a waste of time, I wont mind queing for 2 hrs to vote for him.

Baaba didn’t stand for 90 min. He is too old for that. Which debate did you watch

yeah,waste of precious tym,nanenane ndio msema ukweli.tano tenaaaa

14 days to RWNEBP.

Which one did you watch?

Hiyo like nimekupatia sio yako, ni ya kamwana.
A sitting president, complete with blaring sirens, rushing up Lang’ata rd from State House to go and answer questions from journalists and media houses who have openly showed bias for the last 3 years?
Ata kama ni mimi siwess.

Who remembers this?and the sitting govt went home[ATTACH=full]114677[/ATTACH]

We are Kenyans dumbo not Ghanaians.

Hii story ya matiti ya mbwa inanibamba vile inakasirisha voting robots.

Hio lakini tutapanga kama matitib ya mbwa ama za Nguruwe tupigie Uhuru Kenyatta kura,satisfied now?

This is funny


National Super Alliance (Nasa) presidential running mate Kalonzo Musyoka now says they tricked Jubilee and President Kenyatta into missing the Presidential Debate.

Mr Musyoka on Tuesday said Mr Kenyatta fell for the trick and left Raila Odinga to have his way and say for over 90 minutes of prime time on radio and national TVs.


His decision to keep off running mates’ debate on July 17, Mr Musyoka said, was a calculated scheme to make Jubilee believe Mr Odinga would also give the Monday media event a wide berth.

“We tricked them… we knew those guys fear being accountable to the citizens and that is why I told Raila to seize the moment,” he told residents of Nthongoni as he campaigned in Makueni County.

Mr Kenyatta had earlier indicated that he would the skip the event at Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Karen, Nairobi, citing lack of consultation on ground rules.

He has also accused Debates Media Limited, the organisers of the event, of advertising that candidates would attend without confirming with them first.


Debates Media Limited denied the accusations, saying they engaged all parties on the event.

Separately, Mr Odinga said he missed Mr Kenyatta on the podium.

Speaking during vote chase in Runyenjes, Embu, on Tuesday, Mr Odinga said he did not understand why the Head of State kept off the debate.

“I was ready for him and wanted to question what he has done for the people,” he said.

“The government is also corrupt.”

Ya inooro.
Which one did you watch?

BTW, the act of snubbing the debate was a middle finger to you the voters.


This is man has a small penis.

I can’t believe you!

If it’s a waste of time, why did you bother to watch?

Which bias?

Finally, someone we think alike.

Nimeskia matiti. Hebu niambiwe inatumika in which context? Kuulisa tu!