Uhuru calls for Jubilee legislators meeting to quell rift in ruling party

Some Mpigs are lamenting Ruto is been sidelined, especially after the handshake.

Meeting to be held on Tuesday.

More to follow…

The dye has been cast meeting or no meeting.

VS…acha kuuwa osungu.

sawa mrembo, yafaa kuwaje?



all in all we as team ruto will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends,TEAM RUTO 2022

Wakule pamoja


osha tunyanye bila kunisumbua

Upuss. Uza paka samosa bila kusumbua. :smiley:

Gentlemen, UhuRuto have never disagreed. Forget this cheap wet dream. They meet daily or talk severally in a day. The last few months has been a test. Who is who. Who believes, who pretends, who acts and who does what.

But still we cannot ignore hizi kelele za chura. There’s definitely something going on between Uhuru and Ruto. Things are not okey. I suspect either Ruto amekula sana or they just want to drop him. If you read the body language of Duale, Murkomen and the rest, you will know that something is not right in Jubilee. As Nigerians would put it, if the alligator comes out of the water and tell you the crocodile is sick, will you doubt him?

I like the rich wise sayings of Chinua Achebe

kwani unataka nchi iishe kabisa? And the stealing is exponential. time ya Moi tens of millions and hundreds of millions of shillings… saa hii imekuwa 1 or 2 billion mtu mmoja… na Ruto akiingia sasa??! Helicopters won’t be enough, motherfuckers will probably be campaigning in business jets! Ma gulfstream ndio zitakuwa zinaongea 2027. Na ma yacht.

Spear, TBH, the party is losing popularity mashinani CENDRO fast and that says a lot. Those are the real voters and we the supporters are following them. Big problem is the country is headed for the dogs if we don’t get other CLEAN-ISH leaders gunning for the seat.

Na wewe unauwa VS.

Lisemwalo lipo kama halipo, laja!

boss there is no uhuruto right now. uhuru wants to maintain power post 2022, his deal with raila is for raila to bring the referendum of an executive prime minister , raila apatiwe ceremonial president na uhuru akuwe the executive prime minister.

Hakuna referendum tunaenda for the foreseeable future, President Uhuru said that himself a month ago at KESPA meeting in State House and press covered it. However people have swallowed a lot of false narrative going around. UhuRuto met on Friday alone no aides, staff or security. Last time that happened DP Uncle Ruto started his 47 counties tour of development. This Tuesday all Jubilee leaders will be briefed. Those hoping for a split mtangoja.

Why the noise, most people know they face a succession in a few years. People outside UhuRuto are trying to collect, maintain or progress their interests individually. So they are either trying to please DP Uncle Ruto or ran a disruptive campaign chini ya maji to show they are a force to be embraced at better terms. The only way to stop this games is to involuntarily bring forward the certainty of the succession. President Uhuru isn’t happy also. If people are fighting for themselves then focus to the Big Four agenda and government projects will shift. Leaders will be reassured but some will be whipped. Lastly President Uhuru has no desire to cling to power. He has a post Presidential plan and its not a silent retirement. He has developed a global network with leaders and his role belongs there in statesmanship.