Uhuru buries sugoi man alive! Final nail on hasola's imminent cofin

Muthamaki has eloquently convinced more than 10 million voters from Mt Kenya to reject jambazi. Baba’s swearing as the 5th unstoppable.

Drunk ass nigga is a reject in his own backyard. Didn’t convince nobody nothing.

lootall liwe liwalo:D


He convinced us ALL hapa kwa mlima. Uguo niguo kuri. Aaaria ta muthamaki.

It is good to tell your people the truth rather than hide and lead them to trouble. Mt. Kenya inazimia kwa azimio

I thought he was bluffing.Don’t get ahead of yourselves just because he made you feel special by calling you andu aitu.

That was a masterclass. Absolutely brilliant. I just wonder why he left it so late…

Hell naw! The snake of Sugoi is well, a snake.

Unfortunately only Azimio supporters tuned in. Like preaching to the choir

Uhuru is winning the competition against his selfish deputy. Fact

It’s not wise to attempt to fatten the goat the same day you are supposed to take it to the market. Too little too late

No need to be jittery. God has been gracious enough to keep us alive till this day and this coming week. Only few hours remaining!

Ruto will win with 53.75%
Raila will lag at 46%

By Friday come and prove me wrong.

And how did he convince a notorious bootlicker like you?

@sani na @Kalenjin101 bash itakua wapi ya kusherekea ushindi wa Lootall nikuje

Kaleiii …momii gorooo …naomba msamaha Baba Abbiee atashinda,niliota hivyo while napping earlier today.

Only a mad man/woman would say Uhuru has done nothing for Kenyans. I have done a 2 month tour of Kenya and I can say I was impressed . The road network,commodity prices etc…what else do you went the government to do for you ? The whole world is in recession and inflation is everywhere so unless you live in Wakanda please be real.
Corruption has been our weakness and Uhuru could have done more but the same thieves are now running as our saviors…some guy is like I planned it…next minute I was not involved…what a snake.
Central is going to shock people on Tuesday …also those hustlers vote by mouth but have no physical voters card . Let’s wait and see .

Be a little humble juu unapatia akina @Kalenjin101 blood pressure

You are only a dog’s anus.

You losers have no right to sodomise Kikuyus.