Uhuru & Boris sign deal for Kenyan nurses and doctors to work in Britain. Uhuru anafanya kazi buana.

Such a caring president.


The agreement is open to qualified, but unemployed health professionals.

Kenya has over 5,000 unemployed health workers.

In the NHS in England there are 894 Kenyans working across all roles. This makes Kenyans the 30th largest nationality group in the NHS.

The President also witnessed the signing of the Kenya-UK Health Alliance, which will bring together UK and Kenyan institutions – universities, teaching hospitals – cooperating on health partnerships.

One of the flagship partnerships is on improving cancer treatment for Kenyans, thanks to a tie-up between Kenyatta University Teaching Research and Referral Hospital and the University of Manchester/Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

Kenyan and British scientists at KEMRI and Oxford University were closely involved in the development of the AstraZeneca vaccine, through trials of the vaccine through KEMRI Kilifi.

What did he give in return?

There is always a catch. Trusting same fuckers that killed our ancestors is a deek move.

Na wewe Johnpombe unasumbua sana na ulikufa.

Nitafanya nursing niende Randan Kwa akina @Finest wine

Omusungu hapana tambua papers za Omuafrika when it comes to medicine. You’ll have to take a course and meet UK qualifications or else you’ll be stuck scrubbing bedpans at an old folks home like our very own Seattle drag-queen buttco.

wajinga wanadhani watapeleka takataka za KMTC na KU british embassy wapewe visa, walipiwe fare na wasidikizwe na party:D

mtoto wa malaya kama @johnpombe ako kwa payroll ya mtoto wa umbwa ni kupayuka hapa tu

Destination Randan via Lamu Port

Slavery 101

BATUK. Becomes permanent. Yaani ukiingia pale Nyati barracks ni kama huko UK soil. Also signed is the Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA).

There is a shortage of health care workers in western Europe. Lakini hawatambui masomo ya baafrika. I would have liked to know the details in this agreement.

Just what do kenyans want? Mnatafutiwa kazi you complain. mnajengewa bara bara you complain. Mnajengewa ospitali 24 in nairobi you complain. Mnajengewa BRT you complain. Kila kitu is just complaints like nagging wives.

Don’t expect to know. They always tell us what we wanna hear.

Good job your Excellency

Niaje msito wa Kieleweke? Ruto atapelekwa Hague siku gani?

BATUK bana are all over Laikipia. Natives aren’t happy though

Kuja tunawangojea sana. The UK has a shortage of nurses and other health professionals.
I repeat again these people earn money I can only dream about. Especially those not directly employed by the gava but are contracted by recruitment agencies. They are paid per hour.

Lakini hao neocolonialist tumewaonea 18. UK na US siku hizi wanatutambua kama strategic partners. Apart from trade agreements kuna vile hizi nchi mbili zime invest heavily on our security sector. They basically fund, train and equip our military (sof), rangers, 20para, specialized units within recce and police down to some sweet personal gear. Intelligence, sijui first ever overseas joint terrorism task force yaani first overseas FBI headquarters. Wanadai without their help Kenya would be overrun by Islamist terrorism and ideology. Na mnasema ati we sovereign.

Wame land na hawatoki tena. Amini.

Yes. They make good money but have to work long hours, nights and weekends

Mimi sijui where people make good money without putting in the hard work. Besides it is illegal over here to employ someone over and beyond the stipulated working hrs and that is round about 48hrs a week.
Besides almost everyone in the health sector delivering a service has to work weekends, all manner of shifts, public holidays etc. They are on call 24/7…just like policemen, firemen na wengineo.

I’m sure they already know how dumb Konyagi is so it was easy.

  1. Kenyan nurses can work in the UK, halafu wanaweka 1 million conditions in fine print hapo ama kwa visa requirements which makes that agreement worthless in reality.
  2. The British must have gotten something in exchange. Hiyo najua haitawekwa kwa magazeti. You are not supposed to know what Konyagi gave in return so that he doesn’t look stupid in public.