Uhuru Appoints Kemsa Chair Corrupt Kembi Gitura Again...Kikuyus Will Rule Us Forever...

President Uhuru Kenyatta has appointed Kembi Gitura to chair the Communication Authority (CA) for a period of three years effective April 18, 2021.


According to a local publication, Acting KEMSA CEO Edward Njoroge revealed that he is unaware that a new board is being formed.

The appointment comes amid a multi-billion scandal that rocked the agency with Gitura at the center for awarding irregular tenders.


The agency is accused of having procured Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) at a double market price leading to a loss of billions with tenders said to have been awarded to companies, some linked to influential politicians, businessmen and brokers.
Despite denying that the board does not micromanage KEMSA’s operations while appearing before the Senate Health Committee, documents proved otherwise.

In an email communication to embattled Chief Executive Officer Jonah Manjari, the board chair directed the CEO to ignore the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) investigations and sign an irregular tender contract involving one of the companies at the centre of the scandal.
“My position is that EACC has absolutely no role to play in the execution of the contract and your letter aforesaid will only cause undue delay and was not in the least necessary to write,” Gitura told the CEO in an email dated July 27.
EACC had written to the agency on June 18 requesting documents in relation to Tender No. KEMSA/CONST/OIT 4/2019/20.

Njoroge ideally stated that in the case that there are changes and more details are availed, he will communicate on the same.

Meanwhile, this one wants their women mutilated:frowning: Where’s @Finest wine?

The High Court has dismissed a petition filed by a Kenyan doctor who is seeking to decriminalize female genital mutilation (FGM) for women over the age of 18.


The three-judge bench, consisting of Justices Lydiah Achode, Margaret Muigai, and Kanyi Kimondo, said one cannot choose to undergo a harmful practice and that female circumcision has adverse long-term health effects.

The petitioner, Dr Tatu Kamau, told the court that she is disappointed by the outcome of the case.
She wanted the court to allow women above the age of 18 to practice circumcision, saying they have a right to choose what they do to their bodies at that age.
Kenya outlawed FGM, which is practiced by several communities, in 2011.
However, Dr Kamau challenged the constitutionality of the Prohibition of FGM Act because it forbids willing adult women from practicing it. Additionally, she argued that the harms associated with FGM could be mitigated if the law allowed qualified medical professionals or authorized circumcisers to carry it out


How Uhuru fights corruption.

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You said it. Kikuyus will rule us forever. Yes it’s true.