UHURU appoints Ambassadors and High Commissioners

Hand Shake manenos, hakuna mkale ame deserve kuoewa position.

Turn of events. Hustler has bigger problems than I thought.

Squad ya Uncle Hustler wataonea appointments Viusasa :D:D:D

I agree with Mutahi Ngunyi , when he says Uhuru is tolerating WSR.

I don’t like his appointments. I would like to hear sacking of the corrupt

Githae amepigwa remix toka US hadi Vienna Austria.

Mwende Mwinzi the sexy jubilee activist who vied for Mwingi West seat rewarded but the most important appointment is the Washington post, Lazarus Amayo, former Karachuonyo MP .

Inaitangwe turning tables…Handshake factor

Baba has a very weak spot for US Ambassadorial positions. Time ya kibaki , was his cousin and sister.

Lazarus Amayo has been in the foreign service for a long time . He was the PR at the UN

jakom is a petty man for his stature, vitu kama hizo anatosheka nazo that is why uhuru is giving him. lakini uhuru maintains the crown jewels of the economy na security

POC: Rails is not as petty as you are pretending to think… He is after the bigger cake : Presidency

we haujui chenye inasema, raila is a petty man mimi nimeona raila akiitisha simiti ya foundation kutoka muhindi

Not so fast. Raila has no elective position. He is a raia just like you. Si you try and see if you can get your tribemen one position and report to us.

wewe jua hivi, raila is in government hata uhunye hinted at it, kwani haukuskia

Banaa waluhya hatuko ndani

I can see one luhyia and one luo.
Opembe si ni ule mluhyia alinyanganya Luis otieno ule suga mama wake Susan kubukosia. And he’s a st Mary’s old boy which makes him more of Uhuru guy…huyo hana uluhyia.

Damn, ananyang’anya mtu shosho. She is almost 60 if I’m not wrong, watu wengine standards zao zinakaa aje.

khalwale na madvd watawauza wapewe thermos.

We are scared shitless now but it will come to pass. A friend huko Trumpistan alerted me to the changes. Still… Ruto will ride home.