Noma sana…


What’s the concern with the less popular president of the republic? No one is concerned that the people’s president arrived yesterday from his state visit to Zimbabwe.

Hehehe. Na watu wajue kuna tofauti ya hizo mbili

:D:D:D:D:D :Dhuyu mkisiii asiwaijaribu kurudi kenya

Hajatoa macho nje, ni ulimi tu.

KUMI fresh

Hehe…nahurumianga hawa watu…they live and breath hate juu mtu wao hajawai kalia kiti ya president.

“Mtu wetu mentality” up here. Garbage takataka

MTU yenu but I tell u no other tribe suffers more in Kenya than the ruling tribe. reality

Are you sure?

tembea Kenya ma friend. drive along A109, dry, no rains, but kambas still have their smiles, their love, no violence, no jiggers, no looting. same with maasai, they are satisfied with the little they have. go to central, mother killed by son, husband killed by wife, wooden houses, slaves working in coffee n tea estates, shida tupu

hehe…don’t be that person.

You could be right to some point but this is Common to any tribe. They have their Own wrong thing going on

For “validation” purposes

Foolish cartoonist

slaves working in coffee and tea estate unajua wanatoka wapi

Native son, you wrestling a man full of meffi on him suit, you might win the battle, but boy you need a thorough bath after that, ain’t worth it …kumbuka, Ojinga ni ulemavu