Uhuru and Somali president sign agreement to resume miraa exports to Somalia - amefanya kazi buana

Uhuru ametetea wameru sawa sawa. Murume now is the time to expand miraa plantations. Miraa direct flights from Isiolo to Mogadishu zimeanza.



Somalia is integral to KE economy


We feed and house your bonobo relatives

Kenya spent over 1 trillion in NEP counties in the last 10 years. Tax money that KE bonobos pay to maintain those frail figures in that arid region.

Somali president is a weak leader, look how Uhurus palm dominates the handshake. weak leader for a weak country. He prolly told him low tone that borderline in the ocean is not moving an inch.



Somalia needs Kenya. A lot of Somalia remittance comes from Kenya not the other way round

We will sell Somalia miraa and they will sell us fish. Good arrangement. Though its unfair when we sell the “drugs” and they sell us food.

The two countries “agreed to facilitate, diversify and promote trade and economic cooperation… and directed the immediate market access of fish and fish products from Somalia to Kenya and vice versa and the resumption of trade in khat (miraa) from Kenya to Somalia, to resume with immediate effect.”