UHURU and RAILA ARE ON DRUGS - Explain this!

Uhuru ni mwizi

Uhuru ni fisi

Kimundu is a Bully


ujinga ni ku-tag RAO kuwa mchawi then Pastor Ezekiel anatokea.

Kenyan politicians are the masters of double speak; they have no ideology and are all fcking whores selling their loyalty to the highest bidder.



Guys it doesn’t matter who is in power. I supported Raila to the very bitter end but am still happy with a Ruto presidency. Hii mambo ya kuchukua politics kwa Roho ni ujinga sana. Is Ruto stealing? Of course. Would Raila have stolen, of course? Politicians are self serving pieces of shit the world over. Get over it.

Lol. It’s Narcissus trying to make this about himself. What a surprise?

No one cares what politician dumped their gunky jissom inside your necrotic rectum last year and whose turn it is this year.

The current president is a piece of shite and that’s all that matters.

Haha am happy to rile you even further. Keep paying attention.

I’m more than happy to keep paying for your shows as long as you promise to never cease stealing the spotlight.

It is called politics. Look it up.

Na wanapigiwa kura na watu 'wana akili timamu ’ allegedly.

Mbakaya the one mtr wide nosed baruya who dreams he’s a kikuyu… Umbwa wewe mafi ya Nabii inanuka ARV

One rule I have in life is to never bother much with circumstances I can’t change. You want to bother yourself with me, feel welcome.

I’m watching you. My crew’s watching you.

Ati your crew. So what is your crew going to do about it? I pick battles I can surmount but unakaa mtu wa kuwaste time. Or maybe your crewhas a plan. Acha tuone kama ni mdomo baggy tu or you actually have a plan.

I may not be a psychiatrist but this here is all I need to prove you wish you could marry your own ess. A slight mention that someone’s paying attention and you’re everywhere tripping over yourself. I’m sure you even blushed like a little girl. Probably started toe-tapping.

I mean, look at you, shamelessly making away with the spotlight. I know you ain’t trolling because clearly sarcasm isn’t your strongest suit.

But tell you what? Your life in the daytime is over. There’s eyes on you everywhere. I’m watching you. My crew’s watching you. You know your little homies? They pissed off. They mad at you, bro. Your name is mud on the streets. I’ll soon know who you are, bruh.

hehe sawa. saa utaanzia maisha yangu wapi. imalize basi. lol

Soak in the attention kabisa, Narcissus. Najua you’ve been having spasmic orgasms all day.

Good question, where do I start? Hhhmmm…

Well, for starters, Kenyatalk is a chronicle of your life - nothing else. Kenyatalk revolves around you, as does the world. And the sun. The universe too.

So tell me, where should I start?