Uhuru amefungulia Imports kutoka eac.

During the Idi Amin regime a lot of people headed across the border. Many Kenyan men left their Kenyan families for the new immigrants who seemed to have a seductive charm.

In Busia, most bar maids are from across the border.

Rwandese ndio mambo.

Plus free housing and free medical care.

Do u know majority of Tanzanians don’t have national IDs? But the nyumba kumi there is so strong. As a Kenyan it is hard to mix with them unlike Uganda and Kenya

Extra labor force is welcome as we don’t have enough. Don’t we?


You ONLY knew…just like the rest of wananchi.
We fight over peanuts in Kenya while our endowed neighbours get plundered by euros, US, China and Japan.
Had we only realised…

This move coupled with the reduction in energy tariffs for the manufacturing sector is targeted at enticing big businesses men from Tz facing stringent and unfavorable operating environment to shift base to Kenya and still access the common EA market. i doubt that small scale entrepreneurs have the tenacity to fight it out with Kenyans, and the same case applies for job seekers. Qualified people from other EA countries are likely to get better paying jobs in their countries than those they would get in Kenya.

I see your point. But kina Dangote wakija akutane na MCAs wa Makueni wanaitisha mlungula ndio ajenge cement factory hapo, itakuwaje?

TZ are the best.

Unfourtnately those are some of the costs of doing business in Kenya and should be addressed, however not as bad as unpredictability and constant interference from authorities

You are still focusing on what He said. Lets focus on what He didn’t say.

In all His speech corruption is a small affair it doesn’t warrant to be spoken in important functions.

Government accountability, equality and equity in resource sharing. Alshabab effects especially in lamu. Our oil and why it isn’t being processed in our refinery the list goes on

He said nothing about 90% of the reasons why we considered Him a failure.


This is a terrible policy. Kenya has a high unemployment rate and suddenly Kenyans have to start competing with new entrants. You can be sure that slums will start cropping up everywhere as the immigrants seek affordable places to live while they try to move up the Kenya social and economic ladder.
While the policy makers live’s will not be affected, the number of poor people will rise.
President Uhuru had no right to decide such matters by himself because this is a policy that will last forever. Let’s hope the would be immigrants will hesitate long enough until we get a new president who hopefully will overturn this horrible policy.

We have the highest number of unemployed graduates, most of whom are ready to work for anything. The trick here is to entice the other countries to adopt a similar policy, which will benefit our graduates. Let me give you a real example.We have thousands of Rwandas doing low level hustles in Nairobi suburbs. In return we have many Kenyan graduates occupying high level jobs in Rwanda. In the absence of this arrangement, you still would not expect to see Kenyan graduates selling mandazi in Kayole and neither would you find the Rwandan workers teaching schools in their country. With this arrangement, both parties benefit in a situation where they should have made losses in the absence of interaction.