Uhuru Amefanya Kazi Buana

Those who were singing "Jubilee Development get angry whenever we say Uhuru Amefanya kazi buana. What has changed? @spear weneed you to sing out loud "Uhuru amefanya akzi buana, or do you meen the Jubilee developments stopped? Others include @Kemoi @RV Pundit @Circledot @ranny . You guys were making a lot of noise about Jubilee development

Africans are used to corruption such that, when a leader does a thing, he’s praise forever. We don’t know its our right, and we elected them for that.They aren’t doing us a favour.

ghasia quote one of my sayings!


Call this number utajibiwa 13173

Its like singing praises for a parent buying clothes for their children or feeding them. Thats bonobo mentality for you