Uhuru amechoka.. Almost gone crazy


That is a very short clip.

Anyway know President Uhuru. He is your friend in the morning but at night he is directing the plans to finish you politically. The deceitful politician. UhuRuto plan for handcheque was to diminish RAT and opposition to have a clean ran for 2022. Instead power got to President Uhuru and he agreed to the whispers to try stay on. However DP Uncle Ruto countered his deceitfully plans but taking his base under his feet. President Uhuru reacted angrily to this and it become an all out contest which he lost by even participating. The more he tried, the bigger DP Uncle Ruto become. Then things take their own dimension. Handcheque died, people rejected him forcing him to start planning his succession. giddy and nyayo money was needed to replace his own and cerelac coalition was formed. Now confidence in that is low at all directions and he is again trying all manner of schemes simultaneously in panic to see which will work and which will fail.

Any one of us regrets there job, not surprised

Down with William and the Kalenjins

He can resign. It’s within the constitution. And many would commend such action

He got into politics for one reason only…to use GOK resources to defeat justice at the ICC (it worked). If he had not been named among the Ocampo 6, he would have preferred to remain in the world he was in i.e asubuhi akiamke pombe na bhangi.

The day he dragged Jakuon from his bed juzi ndio nilijua his desperation has reached feverish heights. So inhuman:saitan:. We owe it to the mountain for refusing to play sheeple.

He can’t dare. He had better die clinging on. Too much at stake for his family.

Jeez!! . You type tooo many words which always end up being lies calm down your titties. Drink some water and enjoy your weekend.

Whose funeral is that?

No he was already on his way to presidency when he became deputy prime minister

He should resign, I have also been fired from a job because of performance na sikubishana na HR because i did not want to hold the organization at ransom yet i am paid.found a better opportunity, why do you take a hefty salary, escorts and security and you make people’s life miserable because of your foolish decisions,

Ana miss base za keg where he would drink incognito !

You were wrong about Uhuruto, you could be wrong about Ruto.

His niece.