Uhuru Agrees with Governor Mutua

[SIZE=6]All public officers to undergo lifestyle audit, says President Kenyatta[/SIZE]

President Uhuru Kenyatta shakes hand with Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho during the official opening of the Dongo Kundu bypass in Mombasa . PHOTO | KEVIN ODIT | NATION MEDIA GROUP

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday announced that the the government will conduct a lifestyle audit of all public officers.
President Kenyatta said all public servants, including himself and Deputy President William Ruto, will be asked to explain the source of their wealth and all those found to have plundered public coffers will be put to task to explain the source of their wealth.
“Those found culpable will be taken to where they belong - in prison," the President said.


Hapa tutacheswa tuu

Macho nyanya anasumbua, we all know hizo ni @KeleleZa Chura

dongo whaat? sounds like a road to anal

Kama kawaida.

Hata kama we doubt it we should be so excited to the point that they cannot back out of it. Like when you tell a girl jokingly you’ll buy her a phone and she becomes so excited that now you cannot back out of it.
The media should discuss it, Kenyans talk about it, diplomats should congratulate the president for the announcement, churches should pray on it, artists create art about it and new politicians who haven’t ate yams yet to keep the pressure in senate and parliament to the point that the president is forced to make a date when the same is to be done.

All public officers? It would be amazing if they can do 10. The biggest 10. And the ones involved in scandals.

I’ll be excited when the President will implement the TJRC and Ndungu land reports

In your order of ranking, can you list the biggest 10 down here please

Not in order. Chief Justice, UK, Ruto, Head of Civil Service, Head of KRA, Head of Police, Treasury CS, DPP, Nbi governor, Msa governor…

kibaki once said that everyone should declare their wealth … did anything come out of that ?

We saw what happened to police vetting.

this roadside declarations ni za upuzi…could uhuru reduce kuongea and act more…even before repeating it this year labour day alkuwa amesema last year kuwa pesa ya overtime worked will not be taxed. but hakufuatilia the most important part and that is implementation. so whats happening workers are veing taxed… kra apana tambua kitu haijakua sheria ama policy. juzi akasema workers waongezwe 5%… could you talkers ask your employed peasant neighbours…oooo sorry…could you talkers ask the peasants (when you happen to pass thro their vitongoji duni on your way to Runda) kama waliongezwa… bado i can assure you…shithole leadership.

uhuru ought to get this made into law, to avoid legal challenges down the line.

Udongo mwekundu

Keep hoping…u know what happened about the man who hoped in one hand and shit in the other to see which one fills faster.

Dongo kundu?

You have a good point but no will power to implement, so it’s road side hubris

Hahahaha uhunye talks like those people who when drunk start chest thumping vile “mimi ni simba kwa boma” lakini bibi huwa anamtandika blue/black akirejea nyumbani :D:D

Na MCAs, County Speakers and CECS wasisahaulike.