uhunye's address

Babuon is always lying. By the way, when you see him wipe that eye of his just know he’s telling a lie.
The eye is the lie detector.


Just wondering how the international community sees him .Ushinde ICC alafu ushindwe na supreme court…Anaharibu track record ya Ruto…RWNEBP!!!

The same registrar who backdated nasa docs?


Justice Njoki Ndung’u either lied or she uncovered “inaccuracies” in the Registrar’s report and we should all be concerned because either way we now know the Judiciary has been corrupted. It is the CJ’s job as the President of the SCOK and Chair of JSC to establish the truth.


I can bet the Intelligence bodies are now working overtime. Anything that Nasa,evil society, wakoras eat,breath,sleep is under surveillance.


UK should move on now, he has 38 days max to earn a second term and we all know he is the frontrunner, all he has to do is hit the campaign trail and talk to the people


In fact after Uhuru is announced the winner they should physically prevent submission of any petition. GSU + RWNEBP diehards should camp around the court building while other government agencies frustrate the judges until the 1week elapses. The assumption people are making that the wakora 4 can’t annul it twice is risky and dangerous. There’s no need trying to play fair when the other team doesn’t give a damn about the country.


From the on set that registrar was dancing to the wimps of the petitioner and when I referred to Orengo, I knew what I was talking about. But Njoki and Ojwang were not convinced.

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I thought am the only one who notices!


Actually you make it sound better, they are more than political, they have become activist and evil. Next time expect people to physically frustrate any petitioner like what happened to karua. That where maraga and co. has led us to

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Vifaranga hamchoki Na wivu?


uunye is not the right president for kenya,afadhali rutoh,suppose alshabaab wakate kenye hile side yao na museveni achukue hii side ingine,will he be able to deal with it as a president kama ata saii ajui chenye kinaendelea,wacha tupee mzee kazi mwenye maarifa atuogoze,raila tanofresh

What about them?

Their voice was heard and respected, the majority wins and their victory must be respected also and that is democracy

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Numbers will never lie ! That is the bitter truth

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exactly. Njokis assertions are very simple to verify. telling us ooh she is tainted, oh she couldn’t have looked at all forms ,oh bla bla bla is nonsense. the rot in the JSC has just started being exposed.


Wee mama chapa mtoto wako kwanza utuondolee ujinga hapa

Hawa wanaongea mob hapa sijui oh president ni hii president sijui nini kenya is ferked…
Tupatane kwa debe hao majudge ata wanullify mara ishirini huko huko ndo tutapatana and after all is said and done kuna watu watajua walidhani wanajua wakakuja kujua hawajui

Very sad when people can’t trust the court !