Uhunye to mkoloni.


It’s better than sending flowers. Let’s see what the response is.


kizungu miingi, Just cut it short to the point. This is not a justification. Rest well magufuli.

Woooi,uhunye analilia eliza amuhurumie na anasahau vile amenyanyasa raia. Hio red list ibakie hivyo hivyo,rona haijamalizana na mabwenyenye


Kenya offered its own people, whose lives are cheap, as guinea pigs to parasitic owners of capital, through the KEMRI Kilifi Research Center.

Ajue sisi tunaumia, kizungu mingi ya nini. Unafunga inchi halafu unaachilia flights. Bure kabisa.
Kenya naomba wapewe restriction ya kuongea English pia. Upuss tu.

Send them more nonsense flowers maybe

Most of you are surprised by Uhunyes response. Uhunye is an elitist. Banning travel to the UK does not affect peasants. It is a rich people problem that needs to be addressed urgently because their children study there, work there, or live there. They also invest stolen money in the UK.

If you see Uhuru jumping through hoops to lick mzungu’s boots, it’s because the local elite including himself have vast business and personal interests in the UK. He uses the country’s resources to further the interests of the elite.

The only way to get your money back is to join that exclusive club. Once you cross a certain income threshold, the state works in your favor, and all policies favor you because your interests are aligned with Uhunyes & Co.

Tell us something we don’t know.

This’s the sickening part and then to worsen it, they try to point that as a Bonga point for the bargain. Fcked-up shit man

The difference in response is due to the fact that UK has been liberated from the leadership of elite unlike kenya, it is a govt of and for the people not the aristocratic leadership of the past. This shows how uhuru lost his path after getting into power, he falsely believes he got into presidency because he is the son of jomo but it was due the ICC cases. He decided to walk exactly the opposite direction, swimming against the current, he must be a very frustrated president.

Kenya has suspended flights from the UK

Come on guys, every vaccine must be tested on SOMEBODY. That is the bottom line. These people who volunteered for the covid vaccine trials did it on their own accord. Nobody forced anyone to be a Guinea pig. Besides, we have seen before effectiveness of some drugs varys with race. It is very good that the tests are done on Kenyan volunteers because then we are sure the vaccines work for Kenyans.

Hatukatai. Lazima uchafu ya sewage itolewe. Ndio mazingira iwe mazuri. Lazima itolewe na SOMEBODY. Lakini kama utakuwa willing by your own accord without being forced kuoffer watoto wako wakafanye kazi ya sewage, sawa, io ni haki yako hatutakulaumu.

Sijasema kwa ubaya but that is the reality. We all have a role to play. An investor has to invest money for research & development and a scientist has to do the research and develop the drug. How do you contribute? Kazi yako tu ni kukaa ukingojea dawa itengenezwe, itestiwe alafu udonate-iwe ama ununue?

Uhuru can’t pretend that he did not see this coming. He should have closed the TZ Kenya border eons ago. No one is joking around with this pandemic. And if he does not close it more countries will follow suit.
Not good for our horticulture industry along with the vegetable farmers.
Thing is the Brits stuck there will still get to come back home via a separate terminal created specially for them…and quarantine in a 5 start hotel standard centre for 7 days. Na kazi iendelee.

He kissed their asses last year by delaying to cancel flights and sending them flowers. Let him continue kissing ass for that is all he is good at!