uhunye hataki ujinga

wueh…recce squad@ bomas[ATTACH=full]135579[/ATTACH]

wee leo ‘regge’ squad hawacheki na watu!
I think it’s a message and a warning to some people…


hakuna president ashawai kuwa ngori kama moi siku ya coup 1982 alivaa fully combat
to mean business

sasa wacha uone kisumu youth wakichoma kwao :mad:

Nope kuna ‘69 kama sijakosea Kenyatta alisimama tao kukagua gweride la jeshi Kenya kukatulia…@gashwin alikuwa form6 na Field Marshall alikuwa clerk pale archives wacha wata confirm

mbona huwa wana vaa those black shades

my question too.ama ziko na cameras??

:D:D:D:Dhata mimi nasomaga kwa historia. i was only 3 years old.


sante sana sir

They prevent you from knowing where the agent is looking. Basically ni disguise. You are welcome.

Apart from philosophy, theology, the dead language and the canon law, the priest has garned some extra knowledge in the military field. Thank you Gashwin.

Thank you Padre. You credit me with too much, i only remembered somewhere i had seen the image.

Hehehe nice try , jinga. They help in detecting a snipers gun lens by reflecting

I dont believe its too much Sir, I give credit where it deserves, very genuine.

No cameras they are intended to conceal where they are focusing.

So the officer wearing them can see a reflection better than the naked eye?

Yep. U have cat like eyes when there is darkness

Mecho imekuwa seffffiiii. Sande!

I saw them pia nikaingia maji I was there I wanted to shout “uhuru must go” :D:D