Uhunye ameruka mimba. Karura alipenya vilivyo. But the kids don't resemble Uhuru that much.

Kuna mumama anasema Uhunye alimwaga ndani, then akaingia karura :D:D. Read here.

Only the boy resembles Uhuru forehead


Women misusing their pssuy…
In the hope of getting a lifetime supply of cheddar.


Alafu age ya hao watoi…niwa kuzaliwa kama pork ako in power…!?!
I would have believed it if the kids were in their 25s to 35s.
Huyu dame ana zake.


Men…it is confirmed ,Muthamaki is a talker. Nyinyi ndio mlimuonesha sijui good hope na vichochoro vinginevyo.
Or this lady is suffering from a mental issue.

Watoto kufuanana na anybody does mean dot! sijui nitaandika mara ngapi…that DNA ya mecho does not work at all.
Ya pili sisi ‘punda wives’ as Jojina calls us ‘endearingly’ are under siege from a crafty breed of women. How do you zlia a man with money so that your ‘other’ kids are taken care of?
Huyu haoni n’goooo from Uhuru and quite rightly so. I cannot say Uhuru is not the said ‘Karura’ dad coz men in general can dip it in places you would not even imagine…but Gud luck to her.

@Azor Ahai your input tafasali. I don’t believe Gatheca would be this reckless, hii kind of behavior is only reserved for the forever 25 years old MGayTOWs wa hii kijiji

Umeanika elder

With what happened to MaDVD and Ruto, I wouldn’t be surprised aliamua kuDFHKMBL

Kuna part hatujaambiwa. Walitombana wapi na mtukufu?

Hio kijana ,nikipima na DNA ya mecho:D:D kunakaa kua na kaukweli kiasi ,wapi kule johnpombe makachieth kuja utetee mjomba wako ghaseer

Kwanza hio forehead ya huyo boy…

Kuna mtu alisema hapa ati ladies[most] first business plan yao ni kutafuta child support.

So it’s true that wise men were ktalk walienda. I’ll follow suit soon. Mama kama uyo aliacess aje president in the first place adi akadinywa coz for sure the kids don’t look a day over 6.

The lady is looking for 15 minutes of fame

She runs a drug rehabilitation center, connect the dots

Oh. That explains it. She’s been getting high on her client’s supply…

Huyo kijana anafanana na the founding father

I hope it’s not true…lakini men! Yikes! Anything in a skirt goes