Uhondo continues:@digi kuja:Impala rugby player Sidindi didn't die from drowning, family says

The family of the late rugby player Richard Sidindi has trashed reports that he died from drowning.
Impala Saracens RFC where he played seemed to back this claim in a statement on Monday.
“Very unfortunate to lose Sidindi in very unfortunate circumstances. It is a big shock not only to Impala but the entire rugby fraternity in the country,” the club said in a statement.
But Sidindi’s guardian Rev. Jonathan Yahuma told the Star his death narrative is suspicious.
Yahuma said Sidindi was a well-trained swimmer, having started swimming 10 years ago.
“Were there no lifesavers around? His colleagues were around after they had come from practice, why didn’t they save his life?” he asked.
Yahuma, the late’s uncle, said his body was removed from the scene and stored in a morgue in the absence of the family.
The uncle further questioned why the club hurriedly conducted a postmortem without informing the family or Sidindi’s wife, Catherine.
“This makes us suspect a foul play,” Yahuma said.

Yahuma said autopsy results showed Sidindi had no physical injuries.
“He did not die in the water. I’m informed the doctor took parts of the body for further tests,” he said.
Yahuma said Sidindi’s family are set to meet later to decide the next cause of action.
He said the family’s lawyer is piecing up details.
Yahuma lived with Sidindi in Siaya before and after his parents died while still young.
Sidindi played the fullback position at his immediate former club.
He played during the Impala match against Homeboyz at the same venue on Saturday.
Sidindi has been at the club since 2011 having joined Impala from Kisumu RFC.
He started his rugby career at St Marys School Yala and on completion joined Maseno University.
He was an astute and talented player. He could play winger or fullback and played for the sevens team for the last couple of years.
Sidindi leaves behind a wife Catherine and daughter Candace

Even an expert swimmer can drown in a pool. Accidents do happen.

me thinks the guardian can’t believe he’s gone thus creating another angle,maji sii mchezo,you can drown Hata watu wakiwa hapo na wakose kujua since you can’t scream for help kwanza deep end…anyway Rip

Perhaps the shock and grief of losing his ‘son’ (is that the correct word?) has clouded the Rev’s thoughts. Looking at his complaints, naona kweli hafikirii poa anachozusha.

Very many things can happen resulting in one’s death in a swimming pool but I feel it was unethical for the club to carry his body away without first informing his family or conducting the autopsy before informing the family. That on its own points out to something

Boss; correct me if I’m wrong, but moving the body to a mortuary is not dependent on informing the family. Furthermore, from the story yesterday, Sidindi was pronounced dead at Nairobi Women’s. So it again discounts any claim of unethical behaviour on the part of the club regarding his death.

What I don’t know is, where is the story of the club conducting autopsy on him coming from?


Maybe, just maybe before he died he narrated how he feels about his family and how tries to distant himselefu from them… Maybe just maybe

Point taken, what about the autopsy?