Ugly and rich vs poor and handsome

Which would you choose? I’d be the lateral because it’s still much easier and satisfying to climb the social hierarchy if you’re good looking

i’d rather be uglier than a monkey’s behind but richer than god

breed ya ugly poor ifanyeaje

And have ugly kids too?

I do not like your name, I’ll give you a 3 day notice to delete your account

If you’re handsome like me you can get pussy easily. Money is an added advantage

i understand the struggle…

Stivo Simple is ugly but he can get more girls than an average ktalk Brayo

Nobody is handsome forever. As you get older past 50 years, you start to become less attractive than when you were in your 20s.

But you can be rich forever. There is nothing worse than being an old man who is poor.

Bottom fagot leo umefungua roho

Money can eventually be earned, especially in Kenya where wealth is just one hookup away, but hakuna gym ya sura. Plus good looks open opportunities for you and generally make your life easier, even for men.

You’re smart, too bad you plagued your brain with toxic ideas like red pill

Ghasia wacha vitisho baridi.

Ulikua unadai niseme sura yangu inafanana na mkundu ya shetani kama yako?

When you have money it makes you more handsome… hehe ask the bishes… fools… kukuwa pretty boy is dangerous to your pair of bottoms, unaeza chunishwa sukuma manze…

usitusitusi redpill hivyo ghasia.

Mr handsome leo naona mkundu wako imepanda bei hapa ktalk…usisahau pampers


Sura mzuri gets you girls good dick gets you referrals of willing girls ,the latter is a more sustainable sexual model.

fcuk them kids,they can work their a$$ up the ‘good looks’ ladder,wapambane na hali yao likei would.Life is easy,living is a fcuk up