Ugatuzi Towers Groundbreaking, Another White Elephant?

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday commissioned the construction of what will be Kenya’s tallest building when completed.

The 50-storey G47 Ugatuzi Tower will be erected in Nairobi’s Hurlingham area which will be 19 floors higher than the current tallest building in Kenya, Britam Tower which stands at 31 storeys and 200.1 metres.
The Sh5 billion skyscraper will be constructed from a partnership between the Council of Governors & the County Pension Fund (CPF).

A brief from State House noted that it could become the tallest building in Africa.

is this even necessary for the county govts

Wakenya huzubaishwa na buildings kubwa kubwa, io ndio maendeleo kwao


Why should governors have an office building in nairobi? Akae kwao

Upuzi ya Kenya kweli, office space even before covid was saturated upperhill , parklands, ngong road, Kilimani Hurlingam , full of empty office space. After covid many people will prefer to work from home and cut the overhead, then this fools go ahead with this shit !

i gave up trying to contribute in saving our country,hiyo kazi ianze nione kama ntapata biashara

Governor Mutua has a “County Lodge” in every subcounty

It the effects of upgrading Jungle OS ver 1.0 to City OS ver 2.0

What became of the development of the proposed Pinnacle Towers that would host The Hilton?


Some fat shiiitmen somewhere MUST eat!

They are now going to get 35% minimum for wastage, courtesy BBI. .

I think it’s a good build. Even if office space is saturated.

Office space na venye iko mob hizo sides? Who advises your president?

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Mwafrika si ni ng’ombe kasoro pembe

I hope you get paid to post

I’m trying to work out what problem exactly this white elephant was intended to resolve.

Having this while the economy is in the tank, massive job cuts looming, a health crisis and a devalued shilling doesn’t make any sort of logic at any rational level.

Aside from Africans, the only other group of Low IQ bonobos that do this sort of thing while their economy is sinking is North Korea.

Uhuru could shit in his mouth and he’s still complement him.

:smiley: unakumbuka ile “hotel of doom” yao?
Anyways, wacha glut ziendelee kuendelea… Watalilia choo wote. Hell, they might be eventually converted into very ultramodern condos for a song ata bonobo investors wajishikie ma condominium na timeshares :smiley:

Kuongozwa na dynasties ama subsaharan Africans ni laana.

This has been a project in the works since 2013. CPS has alot of cash and owns alot of real estate. IT IS NOT A GOVERNMENT PROJECT

Anyway, it has sure tenants. Its other buildings that will loose tenants as COG moves into this.